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Mark-a-Route Signs
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A mod that lets you label your roads with route markers, add and replace highway signs, and much more!

Currently Supported Routes shields:
  • Interstate
  • US highway
  • Ontario highway
  • Australian national route
  • British Columbia highway
  • Generic Motorway shield
  • German Autobahn
  • Dutch Autosnelwegen
  • Chinese Expressway
  • Toronto Expressway


Labeling Roads

To label a road segment, just click on the "Mark Route" button->"Mark Road Segment", select a road segment, and set the route! Alternatively, click on a pre-existing route value to apply the same route value. You can adjust the value by clicking on the same road segment again and typing in a new value, or delete it by removing the route number.

Freeplacing signs

To add a sign, click on the "Mark Route" button->"Add a sign", and type in the route type and destination(type in "\n" without the quotes to split lines up). After clicking set, rotate the sign with the mouse using prop tool controls, and click on the location you want the sign to be at.

To add a dynamic sign, click on the "Mark Route" button->"Add a dynamic sign", and first select a road segment that you want to measure traffic at. Then, rotate the sign with the mouse using prop tool controls, and click on the location you want the sign to be at.

Video Demo for sign placement[]

To remove a sign(either type), simply use the bulldozer tool as normal, the sign to be deleted will be highlighted in red.

Video Demo for sign placement[]

Custom Textures/Replacing In-game signs

To use your own custom sign textures, and to replace in-game signs, use this guide!

Upcoming features
  • More default route shield types(European, Asian, etc)
  • More Fonts!
  • Fix lighting for sign text/shield

Adding additional sign types
Do you have a generic roadsign prop that you'd like to use with Mark-a-Route? PM me with the workshop info, and I'll get it in the mod!

A lot of thanks goes out to

Thanks to various Wikipedia contributors for their Highway shield blanks![]
Source Code[]
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Havencheese Jun 25 @ 8:34pm 
In Straaya and NZ you might have to change it to 'Mark-a-Root'
Splifsend Jun 18 @ 8:33am 
Great mod, would like it more if it was left hand drive, but I adapted and overcame..
freedomtowerman Jun 12 @ 9:18pm 
When working with 2 signs on a gantry, how do you get the second sign to show anything? When i was working with 2 signs, the right one only displayed something, i couldn't get the left sign to display anything
Blackwolf Jun 7 @ 1:49am 
Removing a dynamic sign produced a null reference exception error that required me to force quit the game in order to stop it
I AM BORG Jun 4 @ 1:56am 
@tony56a .... great mod

1. Can you please add ability to change background color and font color .... preferably with a color palette but if not, then at least with a range of basic colors (blue, yellow, red, black, green, white, etc).
2. Can you please add ability to add arrows (left and/or straight and/or right).
3. Can you please add option to make the signs for left hand drive roads as currently they seem to be for right hand drive roads only.
4. Can you please add night light on the signs for night time.

Cheers :)
LeapingDolphin23 Jun 2 @ 2:07pm 
What is the third sign you have in the first screenshot? I couldn't find it anywhere and really want to use it in my game

EDIT: Also, is there any way I can download that awesome single gantry sign?
ItsDieter May 24 @ 4:44pm 
@tony56a: My problem was a bit different, as all signs were missing. Today I came back and there were present again. The other city is still a problem; but as you said, it's a known issue. As a workaround to minimize problems, I'll just be sure to close the game completely before switching cities. Thanks for your hard work!
mat1476 May 22 @ 7:17pm 
Awesome mod! Please Bring some Quebec route shields!
Weissenberg May 22 @ 1:13pm 
@tony56a every custom skin gets reset to default, so trees, street lamps.