Galactic Civilizations III

Galactic Civilizations III

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Iconian Fleet
Iconian Fleet Complete

Ship style - Iconian
Color - Relic
Materials - Surface#3 Surface#16
Texture - Promethion Material 1

Note: There is currently a bug with composite components that alter their size outside of the ship designer. It is too time consuming to manually place every single one of them, so I leave it as is until the bug is fixed.

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Items (9)
Ascension Battlecruiser
Created by =SM= Guy Incognito
For over a millenia the Ascension Battlecruiser has been at the forefront of any Iconian battlefleet. With its multitude of laser turrets and its six massive forward-facing beam cannons, it crashes into enemy fleets and slices through the hull of enemy cap...
Progenitor Carrier
Created by =SM= Guy Incognito
The enormous and advanced Progenitor class Carrier is always present in any Iconian fleet. It is capable of launching several squadrons of deadly fighters, yet is still powerful enough to engage in combat with any enemy fleet.

Note: I have added a bunch...
Exodus Battleship
Created by =SM= Guy Incognito
The mighty Exodus is a powerful warship, designed to counter the agressive Yor. It is heavily armored and has the ability to concentrate a massive amount of firepower on to enemy targets.

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Aeon Mothership
Created by =SM= Guy Incognito
The Aeon Class Mothership serves as the flagship of the Iconian Navy. A vessel of tremendous size, it is the ultimate guarantee against Yor agression. Normally operating from the heart of a fleet, lone Aeons have been known to act as a sole naval garrison ...
Citadel Dreadnought
Created by =SM= Guy Incognito
With the Iconian home worlds secure, a new ship was needed to bring the fight to the Yor core systems, should the need ever arise. Thus the Citadel Class was born. Its main armament consists of two massive forward-facing beam cannons, designed to neutraliz...
Centurion Cruiser
Created by =SM= Guy Incognito
The Centurion is a brand new addition to the Iconian Navy, utilizing the latest in engine, shield and weapons technology. Acting as a vanguard to the fleet, it screens the main force and attacks in overwhelming numbers. It is fast, powerful and deadly.

Sentinel Sensor Frigate
Created by =SM= Guy Incognito
The Sentinel Class is a long range exploration and sensor frigate. Their duties include border patrol, exploration of uncharted space, and you will aways find one in every fleet. Their extremely powerful sensors can detect enemy vessels from extreme distan...
Benevolence Support Cruiser
Created by =SM= Guy Incognito
The Benevolence Class of support cruisers is found in the heart of every Iconian fleet. It is an extremely advanced vessel, able to generate sofisticated fields and manipulate space-time. It uses these abilities to boost friendly forces, and hinder the ene...
Deliverance Invasion Transport
Created by =SM= Guy Incognito
The Deliverance Class transport is used in the first wave of a planetary invasion. After atmospheric descent, the vessel releases a self-sustaining assault module containing one regiment of mechanized infantry, and then lifts off again.

Build time 10 ho...