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This vehicle pack contains a lot of vehicles from both NATO and ex-Soviet Countries, this pack was created in order to equip my NATO , Russian, African and Chernaruss units packs.

The vehicles in this pack are ported from A2 thanks to other 3D authors, that you'll find in the readme, thanks a lot to all of them and to BI !

Included in this pack there are:

- TANKs (IND/OPF): T55, T34, T72s, ZSU
- UAZ (IND/OPF): Dshk, M2, SPG9, AGS30, unarmed
- HILUX ARMED PICK-UP (FIA): Dshk, M2, SPG9, AGS30, unarmed
- LAND ROVERS (IND/BLU): M2, MK19, TOW,Stinger, SPG9, unarmed
- HMMVW (BLU): M2, MK19, TOW, Stinger,M134, Special Ops M134/Mk19 SOV, unarmed
- CH47 (BLU)
- UH1Y (BLU) armed and unarmed
- UH60M (BLU): standard/spec ops/MEV
- Mi8/Mi8 MTV (IND/OPF)
- Mi24 (IND/OPF)
- STATIC WEAPONS (IND/OPF/BLU/FIA): dshk, M2, Kord, AGS, Mk19, M119, D30, ZPU, Stinger, Strela, Mortars, SPG9, Metis, Tow
- F35C (BLU): CAS, STEALTH and CAP versions
- URALS: covered and open transport, reammo, refuel, repair, BM-21, ZU-23

Features include:

- Wheeled vehicles have Firing from Vehicles and Sling-Load features enabled
- Helicopters have Firing from Vehicles, Sling-Load, and sling load cam features enabled
- Helicopters ACE3 fast-rope compatible
- Helicopters co-pilots have EO sensors/Laser designators
- Helicopters compatible with advanced flight models
- Custom loadout by faction
- Improved wheeled and helicopters handling

All the installation instructions along with classlist files are included in the folder.

BI Forums:

Hope you'll enjoy those vehicles !

If you're enjoying the weapons try my Altis Guerrilla Warfare units pack here:
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Roque_THE_GAMER Aug 26 @ 9:57am 
How could you forget the M60, AAVP and LAV from cup?
autistic stormtrooper Aug 1 @ 1:42pm 
this mod is a port of Arma 2 content, not a ripoff of rhs and cup
Xindet Jul 20 @ 8:05am 
this is just a ripoff from cup vehicles and rhs wtf
J-Money May 31 @ 1:44am 
anyone know about JSRS sound mod compatibility? i haven't dl'd yet, but aret he sounds old A2 stuff?
WhiteWolf65 Mar 11 @ 1:27am 
Would enjoy seeing a Russian BMP-T "Terminator" or the BTR-T (all versions).
Shadow_Hunter Feb 13 @ 8:33am 
can you release standalone t55 addon?
SpeedbirdUK Jan 23 @ 11:33pm 
Great job but the sounds for the mi 8 are a bit messed up
EvilEyes­­­© Aug 13, 2018 @ 7:28am 
AfricanConflict Mods DO NOT work on Dedicated Server!...........It's a Shame Really
crazy Aug 10, 2018 @ 9:09pm 
Hit subscribe as soon as I saw BRDM
Sycholic May 24, 2018 @ 9:09pm 
2 years yep. Im so going to rip these out and github it all. Its been abandoned imho and someone needs to pick the torch up and post it somewhere public so credit is given to anyone did or will work on it....