The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Rakuza's Mod Collection
A collection of the random assortment of mods I decided to make
Items (3)
Loot the Unlootables
Created by Rakuza
This is a little mod that I'm working on that will take most of the items that you can't take (like forks, rags, and Sovngarde dishes) and let you take them. I plan on adding many many more in the future, so far I have added:
-Forks and Knives
Labeled Sacks and Barrels
Created by Rakuza
This adds labels to the sacks and barrels throughout Skyrim.

Now you will be able to know vaguely what you will find before you search any barrel.

This mod supports all 3 DLC's and any mod that adds sacks and barrels, however you do not require them....
Expired Sweetroll
Created by Rakuza
It's a sweetroll that does everything but kill you. I recommend that you not eat it, but to instead offer it as presents to children instead.

You can buy these from merchants, or make your own.

Should be compatible with DLC and other modded merchants...