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CSL Music Mod

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Compatible with Park Life

With CSL Music Mod you can add your own radio stations into the game and extend the existing ones.

How to use this mod
Just install the mod and activate it in the content manager. If you are ingame click on the radio icon on the top right of the screen to open the vanilla radio settings and the playlist added by CSL Music Mod. To change the radio station, click on the icon of the current radio station and select a different channel from the list.

Additional features
  • Support for music pack mods
  • Context-sensitive radio stations that adapt to daytime and other conditions
  • Ingame playlist with sorting, filtering and deactivating content
  • Backwards-compatible to old CSL Music Mod versions and old music packs

Adding music
Adding music from music packs
Modders can upload their own music packs with their own radio channels. If you want to use one, just subscribe to such a pack and enable it in the content manager. Here you can find a collection of music packs.

If you want to create your own music pack, you can find a guide here[].

Adding your own music: The quick way
If you just want to quickly add your music into the game, open (or create if necessary) the CSLMusicMod_Music folder in the Cities: Skylines game directory.
Put *.ogg files into this folder and they will appear in the "CSLMusic Mix" and "Userdefined" channel.

Adding your own music to existing radio stations
You can add content to existing radio stations (GoldFM, Cities Radio, ...) by dropping your sound files into the respective folder in the game directory - alongside with the songs that come with Cities: Skylines. CSL Music Mod will pick them up and add them to the station. If you need more information, you can find it here[]

If you don't know how to convert your music into *.ogg, you can find information here[]

Custom radio stations
Radio stations are more than just music. They contain commercials, talks and more. If you want to know how to create your own station, you can find the information here[]

New in version Context-sensitive content
You can define that your radio station only plays certain songs or other content when a set of conditions apply. For example you can have different music at day and night. You can find more information about this here[]

Visit the wiki[] for solutions to common problems.

You can find the source on GitHub[]

Additional information
For users of the pre 1.6 CSL Music Mod
With the rewrite, some functions had to be (re)moved or work different:

  • The default playlist is empty (it's not a radio station). Switch to another channel
  • Your custom music an be found in the "Userdefined" radio channel
  • Mood/Height based music was changed. Mod packs that want to have similar features can use context-sensitive content.

Supported file types
CSL Music Mod only supports *.ogg files, which means you cannot use *.mp3, *.m4a, *.aac and other music formats. This restriction is not caused by CSL Music Mod, but by Unity, the engine used by Cities: Skylines. The engine just doesn't support those types and I can't do anything about it.

How to report issues (!)
If you have an issue, explain what behavior you expected and what went wrong with it. It is also helpful, if you provide the Cities: Skylines log file after your problem occurred. Don't forget to enable the debug infos in the mod settings or the log contains only minimal info.

If you have a problem:
  • Close the game
  • Locate the log file (See here how to do this)
  • Upload the unchanged log (do not clean it manually / pick out parts you think might help me) to a site like Pastebin[]

My list is empty!!! My music doesn't play!!! What is "userdefined" or "CSL Music Mix"?????
You have to select one of CSL Music Mod's custom radio stations. here[] you can find a guide I created for an user.

Too many stations
Cities: Skylines was not designed for having more than a couple of radio stations. If you install too many music packs, you'll end up with a music station list going over the edge of the screen. The latest version comes with an improved list that allows showing more stations on the screen. If you disable this or have too many stations, you need to edit the CSL Music Mod settings file and add the names of stations that should be hidden to the DisabledStations list. See here[] for a reference of this file.
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Tartacus Nov 7 @ 6:33am 
Outstanding work made my day when I found this. My son has already done 3 stations from GTA V from it so nice to have Cara,s voice in this game.. But he is worried about uploading them because of copyright. I am trying to talk him into it. quick question how would I go about getting the DJ intro;s for each song to work. other than welding the intro and the song file together?
EngineerMedic Nov 4 @ 10:54am 
@Deadman The official stations should be selectable from the dropdown menu accessed by clicking the image of the currently playing station on the top-right. I have Relaxation Station and it shows up fine for me and will play as intended.
Four Elements Nov 2 @ 7:26am 
Love this mod!!!
Koko Nov 1 @ 11:26am 
Don't seem to be able to extend the stations with this. I converted my music to .ogg through Audacity, dropped them in the folder... but the mod doesn't pick them up at all. I only see the regular music for that station in the playlist. None of the songs I added myself show up. Just default songs and blurbs (I also unchecked blurbs as an option but they still appear in the playlist as a note)
Deadman Oct 26 @ 1:36pm 
How would I use official music packs released as DLC from Paradox? such as Relaxation Station, Rock City Radio, All That Jazz, Country Road Radio and Synthetic Daawn Radio?
**dutchgold** Oct 25 @ 10:19pm 
this is a gift from heaven,thank you.
Adjex Oct 12 @ 6:17pm 
I do not know if this has happened to anyone else, but when I try to publish my music pack to the Steam Workshop, nothing happens. I click "Publish" and nothing happens. I tried looking up on Google but nothing so far? Can you help me?
Giveaway412 Oct 12 @ 7:29am 
How would I go about adding the default commercials and blurbs from the Cities Radio station into my custom radio station? I have tried editing the .json file but nothing seems to work.
Xial Oct 6 @ 7:28pm 
@Xherdos, It MUST be Ogg Vorbis (which is a requirement of Unity). Renaming the file to .ogg does not convert music. You'll need to make use of software that will convert to the necessary format.
Check the section labeled Adding your own music to existing radio stations for details on how to convert.
Xherdos Oct 5 @ 10:21am 
about putting custom music does it need to be .ogg or can it be mp4? because if i convert my music to .ogg they stop working