Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut

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Geeked - portraits and props (DFDC)
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Dec 12, 2014 @ 5:54am
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Geeked - portraits and props (DFDC)

13 december 2014 - republished - latest updates - added/updated VTOL and Dropship props - black and UCAS versions, added various signage and props for Mercurial project, added Memphis Motors signage

DESCRIPTION: A big barrel of props to use with SRR UGC. Includes;

(barrens) - window glow for barrens building 04, hotel signage and glows, The Beast + matching lit tables (for Underworld 93 nightclub), some other stuff. - graffiti = stuff from Puzler, When, Sofles, .P.u.t.o.s - plus some others i dont know - big ups to all. ..... microphones, guitars, mystic sign, auto & riggers sign, some more

(bremerton) - bunch of props that make a rusty ship, an old speedboat, rusty crates, stairwell props, more stuff

(dark) - predator 'trophies', alien skull, guts, alien eggs, 'Casey' doll head, lazer dots

(gunshop) - gunshop counter, walls of Shadowrun guns; heavy - assault - light , some logo stuff and posters, green camo netting, katana and stand set, armor, C4, other stuff. UCAS VTOL & dropship, Black VTOL & dropship. Taetzel signage set

(loading screens) - gunshop, gunshop (b&w)

(lonestar) - signage

(matrix) - big baby head (SNES AI), firewalls, datacores, data path set. data path ground tiles

(morgue) - brick underwall

(numbers) - some signage

(oldtown) - arched window brick building set, bar set (blue lit, glowing top, grey colour), magic shop props, shack pieces set, signage, arena set, campfire, rats cooking on bbq, ratbags, alternate wrecked cars and car junk, shack tables, converted shack bus van and slum kitchen, CityMetro bus.

(pikeplace) - vertical drainpipes, closet elevator set, plain1 building set, alternate brick building set + doorways, blinds and interior windows set, broken pikeplace streetlights set, closed pharmacy tiles.

(portraits) - Akimi, Arleesh, bartender, Blackwing, DanceswithClams, Diana Peng, Dog Spirit, Frogtounge. Fuchi. Ed Street Doc, Executive, Glutman, Hamfist, Topal (marked as gangster), Insect Cultist, Jester Spirit, Kitsune, Norbert, Oriface, Socialite, showergirl, Steelflight, Toxic Shaman, BTL junkie (Weisman)

(power) - set of powerlines and cables

(snes) - severed heads and spike, corp building exterior (b&w, orange, cyan), 3steps, potion bottle set, misc snes props, wooden door set, undergrass tile, Maria Mercurial posters, snes signage, Fuchi billboard & glow, Nikon signage & glow, Sony signage, Rust Stilletos graffiti, Street Doc signage, clothes racks, shopfronts set, Seattle skyline undertile. station signage, dead octoboss prop

(sushibar) - shop exterior tiles, beer and food tiles, sushi girl tiles, lucky cat, sushi door, red carpet, grey tiled floors, tables and chairs, sushi counter set, sushi hotplate table, Asahi posters, Japanese prints, japanese mural wall set, sushi wall set,

(syndicate) - fortress set, barriers set, planters set, scaffold sets, dirt sill set, grass patches set, 2 sets of useable stairs, curved roof set, dark grey security fence set, lazer tripwires, renraku bigscreen set, monorail set, traffic light set, underground pipes set, misc props.

CREDS: HBS SRR artists who's stuff ive recycled, biometal79 of deviantart for the gun images used in title image, MrMIDI for rifle, pistol, a gunrack, and LMG table that I rolled up into this pack, Doc Belmont for his lineworks on Norbert, DanceswithClams & Oriface. Gribs for the Snes octoboss, Johnny Memphis for his awesome grid layout for making props.

DEPENDENCIES: (UGC needing this) = SNES Reboot,


UNCOOKED: (download this and 'Publish Locally' to use with DRM free)
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Geeked  [author] May 11 @ 10:35am 
if youve downloaded it already it should work yes
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