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The Undying Updated
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The Undying Updated

Legion's The Undying species mod updated to 3.12 - This mod shall be immediately removed upon update to the original mod.

From previous description:
Animated vampire-themed portraits. All clothes and hair attached to base bodies.
Smaller set of animated armored warriors I use as the prepatent species.
A couple optional species traits called undead and familiar (not available to AI). They are intended to not be game breaking, but may or may not be balanced.
One vampire themed room with a sarcophagus.
An "undead" name list that is essentially just Romanian names.

I plan on updating several other species mods, but only the ones that I use. Should you wish to update the mods you use, follow the guide below.

In mod/common create 2 new folders portrait_sets and portrait_categories, each should have a .txt file speciesname_foldername, this is in addition to the species_classes folder

species_classes - only required when making new modded categories (ie not human, mamalian, etc.)
delete everything in this file except:
classname = {
archetype = ""
possible = ""
graphical_culture = ""
move_pop_sound_effect = ""

speciesname_portrait_set - Syntax
speciesname = {
Species_class = |speciesclass| (vanilla or modded)
portraits = {
"|portraitgroup|" (quotes required, found in mod/gfx/portraits/portraits .txt file under portrait_groups

speciesname_portrait_categories - Syntax
speciesname| = {
name = |speciesclass|
sets = {
|portraitgroup| (no quotes)
Journeyman Prime Jul 20 @ 7:04pm 
We have our goth GF booba back, nature is healing!
herr_dechse Jul 19 @ 3:54pm 
Thanks alot
Mr. Sandman Jul 18 @ 4:07pm 
Do you think you could update the old White Walker mod? They are using hairs from the new human portraits, which bugs them out and makes them appear as balled since the code is attached the new hair, not the old ones.

Link to the old mod:
VersusPretor Jul 17 @ 9:39am 
Dude, thank you very much, just a golden man, for leaving a guide on how to fix portraits yourself. I actually didn’t quite understand the guide, given that I don’t speak English very well, I’m even now writing to you through a translator. But I went into your files and did the same for the mod that I wanted to fix, although for some reason my portraits were not in a separate class, but in “Vampires”, but this is not a problem at all, otherwise, everything worked, thank you very much
Quantumer Jul 15 @ 10:20am 
Would it be possible to update the Aesir mod as well?
Pouette Jul 3 @ 11:07pm 
thanks so much ;)
Castro Jun 24 @ 9:04am 
Can you please update Legion's Stellar Vampire Civic as well?
It is will be great to have both, since its made for one another
[S!C] Foehn Jun 20 @ 2:59pm 
doesn't seem to work. doesn't appear as its own category nor in any existing one.
WardenHawkwind49  [author] Jun 19 @ 11:01am 
Might help. Sometimes you need it, sometimes you don't.
[S!C] Foehn Jun 17 @ 5:44am 
Should I?