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Stellar Legions - Base Species 3.12
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May 9 @ 10:53am
Jul 19 @ 2:54pm
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Stellar Legions - Base Species 3.12

This mod is a recreation of this mod and replaces it for version 3.12.

In this mod all Stellar Legion portraits have been categorized into sets based on the previous version by the original author did. If you try to use another mod that also tries to add portraits to the existing game categories only the one that the game loads first will work.

Similar to the previous version it leaves the "Robotic" category for consistency.

Aesir - Added to Humanoid category

Undying - Added to Necroid category along with Undead and Familiar traits

Death Automata - Added to Machine category. This is just the armored portraits from Undying.

Vanir - Added to Humanoid category.
Warg Jul 21 @ 2:18am 
Dublicats gone. Thanks
Cleric 110 Jul 20 @ 8:46pm 
I'm not sure if I'm just blind, but I can't seem to find the toxic mutants portraits with this mod, the green-skinned humanoids with the gas masks. Not under toxoids, humanoids, or any other category. The portraits themselves haven't disappeared, they just aren't shown in the empire creation menu, so the empire can't be fixed to be played in a new game.
Lando  [author] Jul 19 @ 2:56pm 
updated the mod dupes should be gone. I'll look at the Ascension stuff again when I get a chance.
Warg Jul 18 @ 4:14am 
Same as Sam. Anoying bug.
Sam Jun 27 @ 4:08am 
This mod does add the Stellar Legions portraits to the relevant categories, but it also seems to duplicate all the default portrait images, for some reason. It still works, its just odd. Is this happening to anyone else? I installed Stellar Legions and put this mod beneath it, and thats it.
Xena Jun 19 @ 1:25pm 
I have same issue as SaintD. I found a similar mod that someone resurrected:
This adds portraits and they do not conflict with this mods. However, the above mods portraits CAN be correctly chosen upon ascension. More over, it has an additional feature that I quite like.
Upon Synthetic ascension, an event fires giving you the option to KEEP the existing portrait instead of being assigned a new one! This is brilliant as it actually allows me to keep the artwork from Stellar Legions even for non-machine races. Looking at the code, you could probably figure out how to fix the issue in Stellar Legions but until then, this is a good work around!
Lando  [author] Jun 5 @ 8:24pm 
Hmm. Not sure I'll check to see if there is a condition I missed. Don't see why an old save would make a difference though.
SaintD Jun 4 @ 12:18am 
This mod didn't update the option for changing my portrait after synthetic ascension, I couldn't choose one of the Stellar Legions ones that should be in the machine category. Is that just because I was doing it with an ongoing save?
Lando  [author] May 30 @ 5:34am 
You can't use both SL mods. If you want the SL portraits to replace vanilla portraits use this mod. If you want the portraits stand alone use the other one. They don't work together.
kurkow2912 May 13 @ 3:30am 
It changed nothing for me when I switched SL 3.12 patch off. (( I ve tried place base species both before and after man Legions mod. Could someone give me example of loading order? Otherwise I have no clue what to think more.