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Beyond The Shroud (3.12.5)
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Beyond The Shroud (3.12.5)

I merge into this mod some features from others mods such as :
  • Shroud Arcology from Planetary DIversity

Many thanks to Fresh_Limon for the russian translation of this mod !

This mod aims to improve psionic ascension path by providing a more immersive way to become the strongest psionic civilisation that ever existed. You will investigate and follow the zroni precursor quest while unlocking new techs and powers.

  • New origin In the footsteps of the Zroni which start with zroni abandoned excavation site on moon (psionic archive relic event chain) and archeostudies tech researched
  • New covenant Traveller From Beyond that focus on mobility/exploration and provides research
  • Megastructure Aetherophasic Collapser for all covenants (mid-late game) 100-500 favor (Astral thread cost) that produces a lot of zro and gives you powers to summon powerful shroud entities via custom shroud lobby
  • Megastructure Labyrinth of Abstraction for all covenants that requires 25 favor. It will provide new jobs and unique features...
  • Mind Over Matter requires 1 ascension perk instead of 2 if you have psionic archive relic
  • New psionics techs
  • A new arcology decision with a district that provide 6 telepaths (replace eclesiastic district) for every covenant with at least 90 favor (rank 3)
  • Astral Rift oriented tradition tree
  • The special project when a covenant is confirmed, displays current favor and how much you generate per month (so you can see how much favor you have)
  • And more...

For more information, here is the mod's documentation :

  • Psionic species expanded
  • Gigastructures
  • Psionics Tri-Expanded
  • Ancient Cache of Technologies
  • Ancient Cache of Technologies - Secrets Of The Shroud
  • Shroud Rising
  • Decadence of Sanity

This mod override utopia events for covenants, so it should be compatible with every mods that don't use these files. Also every new covenant will need a patch to work with it.
Here are all the things that are overwritten (I'll do my best to reduce this list in the future)

# Astral actions
- astral_actions/astral_planes_actions.txt (Tradition Tree)

# Script Values
- progressive_rifts_additional_weight (Tradition Tree)
- scaled_astral_action_cost (Tradition Tree)

# Economic Categories
- planet_telepaths (Tech bonus)

# Pop jobs:
- telepaths (New covenant)

# Ascension
- ap_mind_over_matter (Relic requirements)

# Scripted_triggers
- suitable_for_chosen (New covenant)
- has_psionic_leader_trait (New covenant)
- has_chosen_one_leader_trait (New covenant)
- has_chosen_covenant_trait_non_ruler (New covenant)

# Council Agendas
- agenda_psionic_supremacy (New covenant)

# Stabase building
- zroni_storm_caster (Zroni shield effect)

# Events for the new covenant
- utopia.3303 # Pick a Patron to contact
- utopia.3005 # Attempt to Contact a Major Entity
- utopia.2658 # A Confirmation
- utopia.3310 # Covenant Sealed
- utopia.3190 # Vision 10 - Chosen One
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Cephalon Sithalo 9 hours ago 
@JeVaisFaireForgeron Do you need a Psionic Black Hole? I have like 14 of them :LotusFlower:
JeVaisFaireForgeron  [author] 10 hours ago 
Oh sry, no it will only turn the star into a black hole but without destroying any planet/pops
Over-in Jul 23 @ 3:57pm 
Let me rephrase my statement: If I build this in my homeworld system, will it turning the star into a black hole destroy my homeworld. I know the eldritch horror from the Broken Gates archaeology site destroys all planets in a supernova. does building the Aetherophasic Collapser do the same?
JeVaisFaireForgeron  [author] Jul 23 @ 1:33pm 
For now, this allows your empire to summon shroud creatures ranging from “Shroud Avatar” to “The Reckoning” (Same as End of Cycle crisis) depending on the level of the megastructure. This Reckoning ship is a bit different from the base game because it has a planet-killer weapon that kills all the pops of a planet, and depending on the number of biological pops killed, gives bonuses to the Reckoning's ship (up to 5000 biological pops).

But in the next update this will change as I'll be adding a crisis path and this megastructure will be exclusive to that path.
Over-in Jul 23 @ 12:54pm 
does the aetherophasic collapser destroy empire colonies/planets?
JeVaisFaireForgeron  [author] Jul 22 @ 5:21am 

The situation will be triggered two years after the construction of the Labyrinth of Abstraction megastructure.
JeVaisFaireForgeron  [author] Jul 22 @ 5:19am 

Hey, this mod is only for biological pops and for now I don't plan to give machines access to “classic” psionic ascension. I have a few ideas on the subject but if I do anything it will be related to the Animator of Clay.
masiyi9406 Jul 15 @ 4:23am 
Hi, can you please tell us how to trigger the special situation that leads to new tradition trees?
Ender401 Jul 12 @ 3:45pm 
Does this mod give machines access to psionics or if not are there plans to add that?
JeVaisFaireForgeron  [author] Jul 12 @ 1:04pm 
Hi everyone, the Specialization Update is here (Full details in the changelogs)

New content:
It adds 3 new tradition trees (only one will be obtainable) with unique effects. To unlock a tradition tree, you'll need to progress through a situation that will allow you to advance on that tradition, and even unlock a relic with an effect related to the chosen specialization once completed.
Those 3 tradition trees are related to time, space and energy.

Some labyrinth of abstraction bonuses have been nerfed.

The next update will add a new crisis and overhaul the Aetherophasic Collapser megastructure (also shroud summons).
I hope you will enjoy it.