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SE - All in One
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SE - All in One

For Stellaris 3.6.1

This mod work more or less like the original SE-Human mod.

All in one repack of:
SE - Asset Repackage
SE - Restyled
SE - Human - Fix

Only use this mod. No need multiple mods to get SE Human to work.
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HANFALK 2 hours ago 
What does this exactly change in the code? It is not ironman compatible at all because of some changes in the code (most likely the UNE/Commonwealth as people have mentioned it a few times).
The original SE mod was broken while being ironman friendly, and I like SE Restyled, but I dislike the extra mod to trigger the mod, disabling Ironman.

The biggest reason why I care about Ironman is not because of achievements, but for multiplayer, as it does not force the other player to have the mod installed, etc.

I would love to know where this mod will go, as I want a good Ironman mod as a whole.
Wednesday Mar 23 @ 7:10am 
Wondering if anyone can update this, or I wonder if it would be possible to clone the UNE/Commonwealth and change the file up enough so it acts like a mod, since this one just overrides the base.
Carrion Mar 22 @ 2:03pm 
Came here to report the same issue that NMA-995 did, only by disabling this mod can I get the UN and Commonwealth back. Normally I would just make my own copy of the empire with the new portraits but it doesn't fire any of the events associated with those empires.
Ranger Dimitri Mar 19 @ 8:52am 
Original needed Portrait Trigger Pack, do you have that installed/enabled? Because if not then this is clearly the superior version in that case.
Tsar CUBE Mar 19 @ 3:48am 
@Ranger Dimitri

Don't know what the original needed, but this one seems to work just by itself... for me at least!
Ranger Dimitri Mar 18 @ 6:13pm 
What i want to know is if this requires the same mod's as the original mod's required as prerequisites. And if so you should list them just to make sure people know what if anything it needs to have added.
Bimsham Mar 17 @ 11:40am 
this makes the game crash if sol spawns with humans
Swaginton11 Mar 16 @ 11:48pm 
all the portraits are coming up as blanks for me
NMA-995 Mar 16 @ 5:23am 
This mod breaks pre-made human civs (UN and Commonwealth), removing them from the main menu. Possibly it's because it overwrites the Humanoid species graphics in a way that conflicts with later updates to the Humanoids DLC. The original SE mod didn't do that
Tsar CUBE Mar 14 @ 11:16pm 
What happened to the Nude variants? Is it possible to get them back somehow?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found them hashed out in the clothing selector and re-enabled them, thanks again for fixing this! :heart_eyes_yeti: