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Majesty Expanded 1.49
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Majesty Expanded 1.49

Last update: spell damage behaviour...
Majesty Expanded (ME)
The goal was to deepen the gameplay without too much involvement from a player. Some mods were absorbed and modified to become either automatic or easier to use. Extra content is added with balance in mind. Enemies get buffs too.
This mod includes following mods:
- More heroes/More buildings.
- More equipment upgrades.
- Portals.

Mods below can be turned on/off separately:
- AI mod
- Game modifiers (work like Freestyle events in any quest)
- More Decorative Buildings

This mod includes following Quests ( located in the downloaded Quests section):
- Original game quests with Majesty Expanded compatibility.
- Various custom quests.
- Big map and huge map. For testing AIs, building scenarios or just building cities.
All features are described here
Mod Activation Order
If there are any other mods from other workshop items you activate them first. Then activate Majesty Expanded. Any additional mod that comes with this workshop item must be activated AFTER Majesty Expanded. The mod activation order does matter. Some things can break if it's not followed
How to play
1) Subscribe to this workshop item.
2) Launch the game. In the main menu press "Activate mods" and activate desired mods.
3) Remember to follow the mod activation order which is above.

You can play this mod with Northern expansion quests and most Workshop quests. If you want to play original quests you must activate them from the downloaded quests section which is located in the top left corner of the world map.

Majesty Expanded works in Freestyle. AI mod doesn't work in Freestyle. If you want to play with AI and events then:

1) Activate ME mod, AI mod variant, Game Modifiers.
2) Start quest Big Map
3) Build any GM you want. These replace freestyle events
4) Play
You can join our discord channel which is a bit less dead than everywhere else around Majesty :)



NEXT UPDATE: time to add some quests
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precious pearl Nov 1 @ 8:56am 
thanks buddy. portals seem to be working? it's a really nice touch.
Enerril  [author] Nov 1 @ 12:34am 
There's no clear list of what's been changed in the new game+ mod. So I can't tell 100% whether mods are compatible or not. Most likely not. However, if you activate New game+ mod and AFTER THAT activate ME, then perhaps some features from new game+ become available without breaking the game.

About earthquake... It really can get annoying with AIs chain-casting it and perma-shaking screen. But it is rare. AI have longer cd of using it than the spell cd, proc based. The offensive of that spell is irreplaceable.. I'll tweak something about that
precious pearl Oct 31 @ 8:37pm 
could you prevent the AI from casting the sorcerer spell 'Earthquake'? it's really annoying
precious pearl Oct 31 @ 6:52pm 
what does "Portal" building do? i am assuming it provides easy access from place to place, but do the heroes know that it does?
precious pearl Oct 31 @ 6:44pm 
compartible w / "New Game+"?
dcb$510 Oct 16 @ 1:37am 
Darn it if they were combined this would be perfection!
Enerril  [author] Oct 16 @ 12:42am 
Nope. Both mods are overhauls and are not compatible with each other
dcb$510 Oct 15 @ 11:15pm 
is this compatible with Majestic Majesty 0.19?
Enerril  [author] Oct 9 @ 2:48am 
It comes with this mod. After you choose mods, go on to the game map with quests. In the top left corner there's icon for downloaded quests. There are custom Majesty quests. There you will find Big Map
dcb$510 Oct 9 @ 2:46am 
Start quest Big Map? what & where is that?