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Engineers of Life Updated - 3.4
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Engineers of Life Updated - 3.4

This is a semi-unofficial update to NukaBoy's excellent Engineers of Life , uploaded with his permission. The original ideas and code are NukaBoy's, I have only made some small balance changes, fixed a couple of bugs and updated the mod to. Detailed notes at the end of the description.

NOTE: This mod has been updated to 3.4. I have uploaded a second legacy/compatibility listing for 3.3.4 HERE which will not be updated further, excepting bug fixes if needed.

Images and most of description also NukaBoy's, used with permission.

This mod enables you to fill the galaxy with more life by creating new primitive civilizations or breeding your own space creatures. Please report any bugs or issues you run into in the bugs, issues and compatibility thread below.

Feature Overview
  • Build Seed Ships which allow you spawn new primitive civilizations.
  • A new observation post option which allows you to advance primitives to their next stage of development as opposed to simply "enlightening" them.
  • New Origin "The Creators" unlocks seed ships from the start of the game, as well as some other fun surprises.
  • A new megastructure and 2 new APs allow you to breed your own space creatures and leviathans to add to your offensive and defensive armies

Seed Ships
Seed Ships create a new, randomly generated civilization on the chosen planet. Unlock Seed Ships with the rare late game tech "Sapient Life Engineering," which has prerequisites of Targeted Gene Expressions and Gene Banks.

A new observation post mission allows you to advance primitive civilizations through their stages of technical development instead of simply enlightening them directly to the space age.

Origin "The Creators"
This origin works similar to the scion origin, but you won't be the vassal of a fallen empire. Instead, the Ancient Caretakers will look up to you, and offer you tribute as well as other benefits over time.
  • Unlocks Sapient Life Engineering (Seed Ships) from the game start
  • Colony and seed ships cost 50% less
  • Start on a size 25 Relic world with special blockers
  • The Ancient Caretakers will recognize you, and:
  • Give you a relic upon first contact that allows you to summon a single FE battlecruiser every 10 years
  • Will not give you tasks but instead pay you tribute in the form of resources, technology or fleets sometimes

The Bio Engineering Facility
This new megastructure is your home base for building your space creature army. It is unlocked by the technology "Bio Engineering Program", a T3 technology with the prerequisites Cloning, Genome Mapping and Xenobiology.

It has 2 construction stages stages and a monthly upkeep of 15 energy and 25 food, and produces 150 society research as well as adds 30 naval capacity.

The Bio Engineering Facility can only be build around single stars and black holes, not in binary or trinary systems.

To access the breeding overview select the megastructure and click on the button 'breed creatures'.

Ascension Perks
Leviathan Engineering
Leviathan Engineering unlocks most of the Leviathans:
  • Tiyanki Matriarch
  • Crystal Core
  • Shroud Avatar
  • Voidspawn
  • Ether Drakes
  • Dimensional Horror
To select Leviathan Engineering you have to have selected at least 2 other ascension perks.
Ultimate Leviathan Engineering
Ultimate Leviathan Engineering unlocks the Stellar Devourer. The most powerful of all the Leviathans. To select Ultimate Leviathan Engineering, you must select at least 3 other ascension perks, at least one of which must be Leviathan Engineering.

Space Amoebas
The space amoeba section includes hatchlings, Mothers, and Amoeba Centenarians. Space Amoebas have no special abilities but they are rather cheap. Centenarians are about as strong as a Battleship.

The tiyanki section includes Tiyanki Calfs, Tiyanki Cows, Tiyanki Bulls, and the Tiyanki Matriarch. Tiyanki Cows and Bulls each have a special aura. Cows have a healing parasites aura that heals ships in the same fleet and Bulls have a rage pheromones aura that increases fire rate by +10%. The matriarch has both of those auras.

Crystal Entities
The crystal section includes Shardlings, Shards, Crystal Quintessences and Crystal Cores. Crystals are cheaper than most other creatures and only cost minerals and a small amount of rare crystals. The crystal core is a defense only ship that can't travel hyperlanes and needs to use gateways for travel.

Void Clouds
The void cloud section includes Lesser Void Clouds, Void Clouds and Shroud Avatars. Void Clouds are very strong but they need additional technologies to unlock (Psionic Theory and Zro Mining). They cost energy to breed and a small amount of zro.

The Voidspawn is one of the stronger leviathans. Its weaponry is based on launcher weapons so it can easily be countered by heavy point defense fleets. It has an empire wide limit of 3.

Ether Drakes
The ether drake section includes Ether Drake Hatchlings and Ether Drakes. Ether Drakes are overall balanced and have a strength of 50 - 60k (mature). Hatchlings have a limit of 8 per empire and mature drakes a limit of 3.

Dimensional Horror
The dimensional horror, like the crystal core, is a defense only ship that can only travel using gateways and wormholes. It's the second most powerful leviathan and costs dark matter to conjure it. It has a limit of 3 per empire.

Stellar Devourer
The stellar devourer is the most powerful of the leviathan with a strength of 130k+ and the ability to destroy whole star systems. To unlock it you need both ascension perks added by this mod, Leviathan Engineering and Ultimate Leviathan Engineering.

Future Plans
I've just taken over this mod and am still getting my head around its code. As of now, my future roadmap includes:
  • Add/fix all broken localization keys
  • Further code polishing
  • (far future)Make the Bio-Engineering Facility respect ship build times, allowing the leviathan fleets to have build times as opposed to simply popping into existence
  • Compatibility work for ACOT, Gigastructures, and ZOFE.

PATCH NOTES 5/24/22:

Updated code to game version 3.4.
Improved/edited code behind Custodian Beacon acquisition. It will now take a year or so after the custodians meet you for them to give the beacon, but this method has MASSIVELY improved compatibility with other mods as it no longer needs to overwrite the entire first contact event.
Fixed several issues with ship components.

NSC2 Compat Patch Here:
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Jun 17 @ 3:34pm
Compatibility, Issues & Bugs
< >
BaBoFantasy 12 hours ago 
Engineers of Life is compatible with BSW 3 when used with compatibility patch .

Mod Load Order
1. Engineers of Life
2. BSW 3
3. Compatibility Patch
[DARE] SysGabriel Jun 27 @ 2:15pm 
This works with gigastructures?
space Jun 26 @ 3:01pm 
V Truth. Would be pretty fun if machines could take this.
\ / Noctazar \ / Jun 25 @ 4:03am 
@BatPope As a machine intelligence main, I feel you.
BatPope Jun 23 @ 10:13am 
It is, in my own opinion, A little disappointing that Machine Intelligence can not take "the creators" origin. Why can I not role-play as divine machines that created all sentient life in the galaxy, or an extension of an extra-galactic machine consciousness that came to a barren galaxy millions of years ago to spread life to it for an eventual harvest/culling/etc?
I do on some level get that it may be in place to prevent rogue servitors / driven assimilators from farming easy pops, but that can be done once the tech is researched anyways (that is if they can, I haven't played a MA with this mod installed as of yet.)
Perhaps I'm wrong, and as you are entitled to your own creative vision, you may simply not like the concept that synthetic life is responsible for organic life; I could not possibly know that.
Other than this small gripe, I earnestly think this mod is fantastic, I play with it constantly, just, please let me play god-machines.
BaBoFantasy Jun 23 @ 9:01am 
And for the life_seeder_colonizer, you made all the namelists for the new ship class. That was inevitable before, but for now, there is a new preference named use_shipnames_from.
If you look at the ship_size files for the offspring ships - 21_overlord.txt - you may understand what I mean. You can remove all the namelist files and all the combined compatibility issues.
I wish my advice can help your great works.
BaBoFantasy Jun 23 @ 8:52am 
I am working on the comp patch with my mod, and IMHO it looks like you omitted some components in weapon_components.csv.

Here are the list of the lost IDs :
These are new from the Aquatics DLC, so maybe you missed them from then.

And for NV beams, your files has 0,25 instead of 0.25 - comma instead of period.
So they got 0 accuracy and 0 tracking, and no DPS.
Kalawaki Jun 21 @ 10:26pm 
Skydragons lose the ability to fire their weapons with this mod active.
Fallout4ever121 Jun 21 @ 9:43am 
I cannot build seed ships. I have the technology but it just wont let me.
JK1304 Jun 20 @ 4:40am 
Hi, do synthetic species have access to seed ships? (because they don't have access to the necessary techs)