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Forerunner - A Traditions Overhaul
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May 23 @ 4:35am
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Forerunner - A Traditions Overhaul

Compatible with 3.4.

Forerunner - A Traditions Overhaul is a reworked and updated and in some ways stripped-down version of the highly popular mod Traditions+, now redesigned with compatibility in mind and a Vanilla+ approach to balance.

  • Forerunner overhauls all Traditions in the game with more compelling perks and choices, supporting unique bonuses for normal empires, machine empires, hive empires, Lithoids, Necrophages, and more. Adding in total 8 categories, 48 Paths, and 144 new Traditions!

  • A new way to gain Ascension Perks. Instead of gaining Ascension Perks from finishing a Tradition, gain them by pairing Paths. Choose the bonuses that are relevant to you and your playstyle!

  • Redesigned icons for each Tradition, featuring the beautiful artwork found in Stellaris!

  • Lightweight and compatibility friendly. Forerunner was designed with compatibility in mind. See the compatibility section for more information.

  • Clean implementation. No game errors.

Ascension Perks are now gained by pairing a Path with another Path (6 Traditions in total). Note that any Path in any Category can be paired in this way. Paths from Supremacy can be paired with Paths in Commerce, and so on.

Forerunner was designed to be as lightweight and non-intrusive as possible and as such makes no direct changes to any base game file. This is a huge improvement from Traditions+ and how many files it was forced to edit. Forerunner does however make indirect changes to the Tradition files found in the /traditions and /traditions_categories folders by overwriting those files on startup, mainly to hide the original Traditions from player view and "replace" them with Forerunner Traditions.

Forerunner overwrites the following game files on startup.


  • (01)_mercantile.txt
  • (01)_diplomacy.txt
  • (01)_prosperity.txt
  • (01)_supremacy.txt
  • (01)_expansion.txt
  • (01)_domination.txt
  • (01)_discovery.txt
  • (01)_unyielding.txt
  • (01)_subterfuge.txt


  • (01)_mercantile.txt
  • (01)_diplomacy.txt
  • (01)_prosperity.txt
  • (01)_supremacy.txt
  • (01)_expansion.txt
  • (01)_domination.txt
  • (01)_discovery.txt
  • (01)_adaptability.txt
  • (01)_unyielding.txt
  • (01)_versatility.txt
  • (01)_subterfuge.txt
  • (01)_synchronicity.txt
  • (01)_harmony.txt

This means that Forerunner is compatible with a vast majority of other mods, even mods that add additional Traditions or mods that touch the Tradition files (although for the latter it's not guaranteed that they will play along nicely and I would also recommend using Forerunner as your only Tradition mod to maintain a cohesive game balance and game experience when it comes to the Tradition system itself).

But as always, for best possible compatibility with other mods, make sure that Forerunner is at the very end of your playset. This will guarantee that everything works as smoothly as possible.

All of my mods are completely free to use. You can patch, edit, fork, or change anything that you like. You don't have to ask me for permission.

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Omegilla May 26 @ 11:06am 
Love the mod, and I just want to echo the sentiments of others that I would love a more full version where we can fill out the entire tree, preferably as well with potentially unlocking more ascension perks (I personally play with mods that allow for better perks and for more perks to be gained throughout the game)
Dracors May 24 @ 8:19am 
Don't see much problem in having no cap, but I would much prefer to have the finisher bonuses after getting 9 perks instead of having to get all the 18 since it takes way too long.
BonumMonstrum May 24 @ 4:13am 
Same opinion as the previous person. There is a lot of tactical depth in only being able to use half of the tradition trees (if the AI does this wisely). Whether as a submod or a stand-alone variant, I would definitely like to play some rounds with this more tactical concept. :steamdance::steamhearteyes::fomtheart:
Story Enthusiast May 23 @ 5:08pm 
I personally find the limit for each tree very interesting and unique, but I absolutely support a submod or start-of-game option to disable it!
bholfeltz May 23 @ 2:42pm 
Just wanted to thank you for your hard work. I really love this mod - it's my favorite traditions mod I have ever used.
Red Phantom May 23 @ 10:33am 
i also did some testing by giving myself a lot of unity. i went back before i finished devastation. i found that the traditions i currently have dont contribute to unlocking ascenion perks anymore. meaning if i spend all my unity on all the 18 trees in my 3 already selected traditions i get NO extra ascension perks.

however if i select a new tradition (prosperity for instance) and finish 1 tree within that new tradition i get my ascenison perk as opposed to finishing devastation. - it pairs with a tree from before the patch but it doesn't pair with any new trees within my already selected traditions.

I would really love an option to rollback but for now i will use console to unlock a perk slot i was expecting to get. and move on.
idm  [author] May 23 @ 10:10am 
With the latest update, Forerunner switched from using an event based script to add ascension perks to a scripted_effect. The compatibility patch for ACG needs to be updated with this change also.
Red Phantom May 23 @ 9:47am 
i'm also running AGC with the compatibility patch, could be the cause?
Red Phantom May 23 @ 9:45am 
So how do we get ascension perks now? i just took my 12th tradition within the supremacy tree finishing the 4th tree (devastation, after already completing quality, quantity and deterrence). and did not get my 5th ascension slot as i'm supposed to?

I also have 6/18 in discovery and 12/18 production, as full trees.

i did not play with the patch where there was a 9 cap, i was asleep :p
AlexNidhogg May 23 @ 8:31am 
Amazing mod, I much prefer the 18 cap over the 9 cap but I can definitely see why you did 9.