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Western Star 4900 EX
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Brand: Western Star
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Feb 11, 2022 @ 5:15am
Feb 22, 2022 @ 9:38am
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Western Star 4900 EX

Introducing the Western Star 4900EX

This is my interpretation of the long hood Western Star 4900, an absolute icon of a truck that deserves a spot in any garage.

The basis of this mod is the 4900FA previously available in the workshop. What remains is the truck shell, parts of the interior and the animations - the rest is new.

Comes in a number of configurations and looks with many aftermarket accessories. Everything from tough logger to a low and shiny show truck. And stay tuned for updates as I have big plans for this truck.

The truck only uses SCS engines so I strongly recommend downloading the engine compatibility mods below.

Feedback and bug reports
This isn't just my first truck, this is also the mod I used to learn Blender with, which makes me a total novice. (not how I recommend starting out with Blender unless you enjoy blood, sweat, tears and rage quitting)
And while it has had a beta run with many issues squashed, there may be unknown issues beyond the existing ones. Report them here or in my SCS Forum Thread for this truck. [] after you've read the list of known issues below. Issues described properly will be most welcome, while "so and so doesn't work" will be ignored.

Suggestions are also welcome. Many have already asked about a setback axle or an Aussie-style rig, but that won't happen any time soon. They are just too different and would make the mod a structural nightmare.

Most recent changelog - version 1.04 + 1.05 :
- All mirrors working and the inside/outside discrepancy fixed - Dashboard brightness and the correct green color instead of white. - Interior animations adjusted and corrected - Shadows have been overhauled - A number of missing or misplaced accessory slots have been fixed - By popular demand; a stand-alone GPS that doesn't rely on cabin accessories - Less resource-heavy marker lights alongside the existing LEDs. - A bunch of new skins, including Heritage Wings. - Lights fixed (rear bumpers + new lights on the heavy bumper) - Various oversize banners - More bumper slots

Compatibility Mods
Cabin Accessories DLC Compatibility[]
SiSL Cabin Accessories Compatibility[]
Kreichbaum Engines Compatibility[]
Zeemod Engines Compatibility[]
Boreman LED Marker Lights Pack Compatibility[]

For Modders
Template[] (layered PSD and PNG)
Truck Def Name: 'westernstar.4900'
Cabin Defs: 'strato' and 'flat'

Open Def Mod[] - allows customizing the inside of the drop visor.
PSD sun visor Template here.[]

Light Hookup Slots:
bumper filters frontsteps ftank (for fuel tank fairings) hlsurround (for headlight deflectors) mirror rearbumper trim (for cabin side trim) sunshield

Known Issues that will be fixed;
-- Wipers don't work from the exterior view. - There's a window glare under certain circumstances. - License plates aren't there (I am launching a mod with high res custom plates very shortly, and saw no point in hooking up the terrible low res SCS ones) - Airlines being too far back; this is a known issue and currently a bit of a compromise as it's otherwise clipping the headache rack. But will be dealt with. - The log throws a "too many indices in cabin/chassis" error.

Digital X - For solving a LOT of problems I could not, including animations, lighting, shadows and mirrors.
YukonJack_AK - The 4900FA version I based this mod on
Sib3rius (and Team) - The original 4900FA mod
Kororuz - Window animations
Kishadowalker - Permission to use an old version of the 4800SB series interior as a skeleton and the basis for the new interior.
Galimim & Wilson212 - For engine and transmission DEFs
Robinicus, Kreichbaum & Harven - Engine sounds
HFG Guidot - Blender help