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How I Played AlphaMod 3.2
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All These Worlds - Lite
Created by Lex Peregrine
This is a stand-alone mod for Stellaris 3.4.
Not intended to be used with Planetary Diversity or any of its sub-mods unless a proper compatibility patch becomes available.
AlphaMod 3.2
Created by AlphaAsh
AlphaMod 3.2 is not likely to be compatible with the Stellaris 3.3 Open Beta, considering some extensive changes to unity generation, expenditure, admin cap and some jobs

AlphaMod is often ...
Banned! (3.2)
Created by AlphaAsh
When suppressing a faction just ain't good enough

This mod adds the ability to ban factions that aren't supporters of your government ethos. For example, a militarist government cannot ban the militarist faction.

You must suppress a
Divided Loyalties (3.2)
Created by AlphaAsh
More Conflicting Factions

This mod introduces 15 new extremist factions, one for Xenophobes, and two for all other ethics. There are pros and cons to promoting, suppressing and banning each of the factions.

Some of the factions are als...
folk's Tiny Outliner (3.2)
Created by AlphaAsh
Yet Another Tiny Outliner

Forking, forking, forking. I've been forking forking. Fork ho!

This version is about 25% wider, so there's less truncation and overlap of the elements. If you don't like that, you can still use the other one instead. ...
Gods & Guardians (3.X)
Created by AlphaAsh
New missions for Observation Posts and related events

The natives are led to believe that you are their gods. You effectively enslave them from above.

Cannot be used if policy disallows slave...
Hands of State (3.X)
Created by AlphaAsh
A small collection of additional governor traits

This leader is a number cruncher who can squeeze energy credits out of a rock.
Energy Output From Jobs: +5%
Trade Value: + 10%
Pop Happiness: -5%

This l...
Homeworld Ethics (3.X)
Created by AlphaAsh
Empire unique buildings for homeworlds
Which can be built is based on the ethics and/or civics of the empire.

This version, the buildings are considerably more powerful, but cost a base of 100 Influence to build, thus making it a tougher choi...
Invasion! (3.2)
Created by AlphaAsh
Ground War Overhauled

This mod does a lot of things.
  • Adds Mechs! And the Mech Lords Ascension Perk, for those that want all the Mechs.
  • Adds new military buildings, jobs and armies, including mechs, aerofighters, elite forces, paladi
Less Habitable Worlds (3.2)
Created by AlphaAsh
Because I Want Planet Preference To Matter...

...fewer habitable worlds, and more of them with dangerous modifiers... I tweaked some values in a few files, so less habitable worlds are spawned, on average they are slightly smaller, and there is a...
Neutral Zone (3.3)
Created by AlphaAsh
Got border friction you don't want?
It's time to make a Neutral Zone!

To create a Neutral Zone:

1- Click into a system you own with no colonies, that is:
A- Neighbouring a system owned by a foreign empire, OR
B- That is neig...
Sensible Resource Silos (3.2)
Created by AlphaAsh
See the thumbnail. That's it....
Shut Up, We Don't Care! (3.3)
Created by AlphaAsh
Stop. It's Hammer Time.

Ding ding ding. The constant ding of crappy AI continuously changing its mind about rivalries, treaties and all that other **** I don't care about. Seriously, if I want to know, I'll look you up. Now please just STFU.
Smaller Sectors (3.2)
Created by AlphaAsh
Because I Like Vassals...

...I tweaked some values in a couple of files, so sectors are smaller. It also means I have more governors with fewer planets, which adds a little more character to both the planets and the governors, which is nice, righ...
Traditional Thinking (3.2)
Created by AlphaAsh
New Tradition Tree Choices
This mod provides eight additional tradition trees, each restricted to particular ethics.

Compassion - Pacifists
Culturalism - Xenophiles
Discipline - Authoritarians
Introspection - Spiritualists
Prowess - Militari...
Wormhole Generation (3.X)
Created by AlphaAsh
Generate wormholes with a starbase building

To unlock the building requires the Wormhole Stabilization tech.

A wormhole will be generated at the end of the month between two systems with a completed Wormhole Generator building on the st...
Created by AlphaAsh
Improving UI Usefulness Probably

Useful stuff (probably):
  • Increases the size of the ship designer and ship viewer, to support NSC2's ships with many sections.
  • Increases the size of the gene modification window, to fit more tr
C6 Species Portraits
Created by MrFreake_PDX
Charismatic, Curious, Elegant, Enigmatic, Friendly. Definitely not a fanatic purifier.

This mod is brought to you by Stellaris Animator Hanna and Senior Artist Frida, from PDS Arctic.

C6 was first presented as concept art in [url=https://fo...