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Mengjiang Focus Tree (EN)
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Mengjiang Focus Tree (EN)

This is an English Translation of the Mengjiang mod by Proletarian Mods https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2658325826

This is purely a translation mod, but has fixed some small bugs in the mod, such as being able to take both communist trees, and also made becoming communist easier.

Focuses: Mengjiang gets the Chinese Warlord Tree, which works the same as the other Warlords, allowing cores on China, Mongolia and Tibet.

It also gets a smaller tree which can assist in your expansion.

Japan Path - Keeps loyal to Japan, can aid you in conquering Mongolia, and is the safer option, but you might not get as much land

China Path - Align with the Nationalists, get industry and manpower boosts.

Communist Path - Allow yourself to be briefly puppeted (you get a political figure who can increase autonomy) by either the PRC (If Mao is in charge) or the USSR against Japan, China (and potentially the PRC/USSR).

R256 - Not Compatible

Should be compatible with anything that doesn't edit the map provinces.