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Agreements Boost Diplomatic Weight [3.1.*]
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Sep 22 @ 10:32am
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Agreements Boost Diplomatic Weight [3.1.*]


A small mod that allows Research Agreements, Commercial Pacts, Defensive Pacts and Migration Treaties to boost Diplomatic Weight.

This mod works with Version 3.0.* of the game.

In the unmodded game, Diplomatic Weight heavily favors wide empires, with little to no regard for whether anybody even likes you. If you're big enough, you'll dominate the Galactic Community, and small empires have little to no impact on the Community anymore. This mod attempts to shift the balance a bit more towards empires that actually engage in diplomacy.

With this Mod active, Agreements grant the following bonuses to your Diplomatic Weight:
- Each Research Agreement boosts Diplomatic Weight from Technology by 20%
- Each Commercial Pact boosts Diplomatic Weight from Economy by 20%
- Each Migration Treaty boosts Diplomatic Weight from Population by 20%
- Each Defensive Pact boosts Diplomatic Weight from Fleet Power by 20%

These effects are capped at 10 Agreements each, for a maximum of +200% in each Category. I chose not to include Non-Aggression Pacts since they're not really "cooperative": You're not working together, but rather just agreeing not to attack each other.

Federation can also gain a few Effects:
- Federation Leaders gain 20/40/60% Diplomatic Weight from Fleet Power if Fleet Contribution is Low/Medium/High
- Members of Research Cooperatives gain Diplomatic Weight from Technology as if they had Research Agreements with each other
- If the Free Migration Federation Law is active, Players gain Diplomatic Weight from Population as if they had a Migration Treaty with each member of their Federation

The modifiers are recalculated at the start of each month, and appear in the list of empire-wide modifiers that you can access by clicking your flag icon in the top left corner of the UI.

Localization Patches (by other users):

This Mod was designed with maximum compatibility in mind. It does not override or alter any game files and as a result, it should be compatible with just about any other mod.
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Ryika  [author] Sep 22 @ 10:33am 
Updated to v3:

- Rebuilt and updated to make use of the new variable features that were introduced in 3.1. This should make the code a lot more efficient, and opens room for future additions. A small negative side effect of the new implementation is that Modifier Names cannot contain the number of Pacts that a player has.

- Diplomatic Weight from Fleet Contribution is now properly applied to the Leaders of all federations, not just the Default Type.
Ryika  [author] Sep 14 @ 2:43pm 
Updated for 3.1.

Well, truth be told, as far as I can see, no updates were necessary, so I just updated the version number for the current patch.

This means this mod also still works with 3.0, if you have reverted to that game version.
Lucky.1511 Aug 14 @ 12:33pm 
Is the AI also effected?
Ocelot Jul 13 @ 10:44am 
big chungus amongus
Sardorim Jul 4 @ 9:06am 
I like this. Gives more merit for being tall over wide.
Ryika  [author] Jun 21 @ 10:14am 
彭定康说的 Jun 21 @ 10:10am 
work with starnet ai?
Black Goat Jun 16 @ 10:30am 
gotcha thanks for the elaboration and i appreciate the mod

i will give it a shot as i usually play mid-sized diplomatic realms/federation builders
Ryika  [author] Jun 16 @ 10:29am 
If a wide empire manages to expand their territory while still maintaining a lot of diplomatic agreements, then it will still dominate, yes. I think this is reasonable, since you've essentially earned whatever sway you have over the galaxy at that point, and should probably be able to throw your weight around.

The goal of this mod is largely to make it so empires that do not manage to maintain diplomatic relations are somewhat less influential in the Galactic Community compared to those that do, and more broadly to make those pacts more interesting and rewarding.

Balancing "tall" and "wide" diplomatic empires would probably require a much larger overhaul of how the mechanics behind Diplomatic Power work, but that is not my goal with this mod.
Black Goat Jun 16 @ 8:50am 
really good idea for a mod as I hate how dominate wide empires can be just by the size

not really convinced this modifier will address the problem if it doesn't come with some kind of size cap for empires getting this bonus - i think the 10 cap for the bonus from any one aggrement type is a good idea - but with the way this works, won't wide non-genocidal empires just get these bonuses as well?> effeictively canceling out much of the weight tall, diplomatic countries might gain from the mod?