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At War: Advanced Ship Sections (3.0.3)
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At War: Advanced Ship Sections (3.0.3)

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At War Continued
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This mod is a continuation of the original, created by The Dadinator, and now updated and maintained following his expression to discontinue support.

This mod may be removed if he returns to the modding community and wishes it taken down to consolidate effort.

Original Mod
Original Description (links culled to avoid misdirection):
Need more advanced carrier ships at the cruiser, battleship and titan classes? Need a stronger missile cruiser? Want your long range ships to fire at a greater distance? A few extra techs can give you a stronger naval fleet.

  • Rapid Response Destroyer Bow - Get an early hangar to go with the early strike craft technology.
  • Missile Cruiser Designs: Engineering tech that unlocks new cruiser ship sections for more missile / torpedo focused cruisers.
  • Light Carrier Cruiser Designs: Engineering tech that unlocks new cruiser ship sections for building light carrier-dedicated cruisers.
  • Advanced Carrier Designs: Engineering tech that unlocks new battleship ship sections for building carrier-dedicated battleships and titans.
  • Additional Titan sections to give more variety.
  • Advanced, Sapient, and Precognitive artillery combat computers for long range (120) and max range (calculates weapons max range).
  • Combat computers support New Ship Classes & (NSC)
  • Advanced Missile Ship corvette section.
No vanilla files were harmed in making this mod.
Compatible with Stellaris v3.0.3
As with any mod that affects game play, NOT achievement compatible.

Bugs, Feedback and Suggestions
You can post your Feedback and Suggestions here in the comments.
Bugs can be posted in the Discord channel for the mod[]
I take all constructive feedback and suggestions seriously.
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NguyenTen Jun 16 @ 10:36am 
@KevinTOC not sure but NSC2 adds in 2 dedicated carrier ship classes and Battleships in real life are just boats with lots and lots of guns and in addition you won't need to make multiple battleship designs with completely different sections.
KevinTOC Jun 15 @ 2:23am 
This mod seems to entirely get rid of all the hangar sections for battleships. Why is this happening?
Morcleon Jun 14 @ 4:22pm 
For the long/max range artillery computers, there's no Autonomous (machine intelligence) version of them.
CursedAuroran Jun 8 @ 8:35am 
@Juananzaldo with the way ship sections work, I wont have to
Juananzaldo Jun 8 @ 8:00am 
I didnt probably explained myself about my last comment. I ment that if you were going to do a compatibility patch/expansion for Realistic Ships, would you consider to make a pass also for the Machine Shipset one? Did want to sound like demanding or anything.
CursedAuroran Jun 8 @ 6:18am 
@Juananzaldo why are you asking me, as I dont maintain either of those mods, and why here? I am solely interested in making a mod that enables features similar to what this mod does for vanilla ships, for realistic ships ships
CursedAuroran Jun 6 @ 4:24am 
Hi there! Do you have plans to make balance changes to any parts of this mod, like malt (the maintainer of the 2.8.1 versions) had? Want to ask before I dedicate to making a compat patch/expansion for Realistic Ships