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At War: Defense Platform Longevity(3.0.3)
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Jun 17 @ 9:07am
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At War: Defense Platform Longevity(3.0.3)

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At War Continued
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This mod is a continuation of the original, created by The Dadinator, and now updated and maintained following his expression to discontinue support.

This mod may be removed if he returns to the modding community and wishes it taken down to consolidate effort.

Original Mod
Original Description (links culled to avoid misdirection):
Do you wish your defense platforms would regenerate with your starbase after battle? This mod makes all military stations (defense platforms, ion cannons, and anything modded in the same class) behave like starbases. No more micro mangement replacing destroyed defense platforms.

  • 5x Repeatable Tech Defense Platform limit(+4)/build speed(10%) // You will be able to disable this feature in the Edict. (Already researched ones dont get removed!)
  • Military stations will now go disabled if they loose all health as opposed to blowing up
  • Military stations will now start healing approximately 30 days after combat completes, just like starbases
  • Added an edict to access the options for the mod. You can now set a restart delay for the platforms, a penalty modifier that lasts for a period of time, and a percentage chance that the platform will explode on restart. You can setup none, some, or all of the options. Please give the game at least a day for the option to show up under Edicts.

Note - military stations are a class of ship that are built in the starbase defense tab. This includes defense platform, ion cannons, and should work with any modded item that is built in the same way. Please do not ask if it works with <Insert your Mod here> because I likely won't know.

On the plus side, if you don't lose your starbase, your defense platform investment is safe. On the negative side, if you do lose your starbase, you will likely have to fight the full might of your original starbase to regain control. It is all about balance.

Save Game Compatibility
By default, this mod only works on newly created military stations (defense platforms, etc.). For existing games, you can open the game console[] and run
event eac_aw_dpl_actions.1000
and that should enable the functionality on all existing military stations.

Bugs, Feedback and Suggestions
You can post your Feedback and Suggestions here in the comments.
Bugs can be posted in the Discord channel for the mod[]
I take all constructive feedback and suggestions seriously.

No vanilla files were harmed in making this mod. This mod is NOT achievement compatible.
Compatible with Stellaris v3.0.3
As with any mod that affects game play, NOT achievement compatible.
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Ambit  [author] 7 hours ago 
@Sentry Ward best way is to come discord and we can talk about what mod u talking about. Because it should be Compatible with mods that use shipclass_military_station for defense platforms.
一个蒸汽账号 8 hours ago 
感谢更新 这个MOD 很符合世界观
Sentry Ward Jun 16 @ 9:22am 
I have a question! Does if it works with <Insert your Mod here>?

P.S. Yay! I waited this update long time. Thanks, dude!
avasark ♫ Jun 12 @ 11:42am 
Thanks for the update!
QOMRADEQUEER Jun 9 @ 12:53pm 
Thank you for adding an option to remove the repeatable tech. I've loved this mod throughout the years, but I don't use "big" mods like Gigastrctures or NSC or other crap like that, as I think vanilla Stellaris is more or less perfect, aside from a few QOL things. The extra stations were really, really unbalanced in a vanilla-like game.

Thanks again!
Ambit  [author] Jun 9 @ 8:15am 
@The Nega Druid Defense Platform should now be destroyed when using the War goal Wipe Them Out.

For everyone else that got something to say.. Discord is now open.
The Nega Druid Jun 8 @ 10:39pm 
Big issue: I used Existential Expulsion wargoal to attack an empire and the defense platforms kept rebuilding RAPIDLY. To the point my armies couldn't land because there they kept getting interrupted mid-landing because the defense platforms rebuilt so fast.

I had to eventually use the damage command to destroy them completely to get a chance to finish invading.

Probably due to the fact that the Wargoal didn't exist when this mod was made. Not sure if it would do the same in other wargoal wars.
frozenparagon Jun 8 @ 2:36pm 
I highly recomend platform sections that replace the fighters with XL turrets and set Ion cannons to platform size. it really livens up would be system conquerings
frozenparagon Jun 8 @ 2:34pm 
@ambit that's a solid solution. I just learned that the medium and large aren't valid modifers. go figure.
Commander Jun 6 @ 9:17pm 
may be a mod conflic but when a starbase is destoyed when useing existential expulsion war goal the defense platform are not destoyed with it. the war goal if form become a crisis ascension perk