Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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Hearts of Godzilla IV
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Apr 13 @ 3:54pm
Apr 13 @ 4:53pm
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Hearts of Godzilla IV

Working in Progress...
This Mod is unfinished, sorry for the inconvenience for some countries

I'll need suggestions for the mod, maybe discuss it on the Discord Server
Current Version: 0.1.0 "A Godzilla Uprising"
Current Supported HOI4 version: 0.10.4
(Will be updatedwhen 0.1.0b comes out)

Hey guys, GodzillaFan 2016 here. Presenting to you the second Kaiju mod for Hearts of Iron IV. This mod, as you may see, is based on the Godzilla Eras, except all of them are merged with each other, happening in the same time.

This Mod is set in an Alternate 1936, but there is no lore for it, unlike Godzillia (My other Mod)

This Mod features 7 New Countries
- Shin Godzilla (Desc WIP) (Nearly finished)
- Reiwa/Anime (Desc WIP) (Not yet started)
- Monsterverse (An Ally/Nemesis for Shin Godzilla) (Quarter Way finished)
- Heisei (Has assigned states and colors, no history file nor focus tree)
- Milennium (Has assigned states and colors, no history file nor focus tree)
- Showa (Has assigned states and colors, no history file nor focus tree)
- Xilien Attack Force (Attacks anyone in their path) (Not yet started)

Update 0.1.0b will add things for Reiwa (Shin Godzilla), Monsterverse, Heisei, Millennium, Showa and Ghidorah, along with adding more things to the game, such as Godzilla Earth.

If you want to discuss ideas for the mod, join the Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/NPuVvpmEvD

If you need any support for bugs in the mod, please use either the comment section or Discord Server

Created by GodzillaFan 2016
Some Assets taken from "King of the Monsters - A HOI4 Scenario" by Alkotol, and "Kaiserreich" by the Devs of Kaiserreich
Godzilla is owned by TOHO. CO., LTD, I do not own anything about Godzilla
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GodzillaFan 2016  [author] May 13 @ 2:25pm 
Thanks, although it's still in Development Stages
JustaDummyHere May 13 @ 12:07pm 
this mod is gud
GodzillaFan 2016  [author] Apr 18 @ 10:21pm 
Heisei, Millennium and Showa (aka the 1st 3 Eras)
stealmymeal (backstage75) Apr 18 @ 2:36pm 
what are the 3 countries in japan going to be.
GodzillaFan 2016  [author] Apr 18 @ 2:28pm 
I forgot to mention that this mod was originally posted for Beta Testing, but I was impatient, so I uploaded it during Alpha Stages
GodzillaFan 2016  [author] Apr 18 @ 1:11am 
Yes, this mod is not fully developed...so the next update may fix that
autobot295 Apr 17 @ 4:00pm 
The mod seems good and all after playing it for a few, but I feel as if this should have had more time to be developed before being released
stealmymeal (backstage75) Apr 17 @ 9:02am 
GodzillaFan 2016  [author] Apr 16 @ 1:43pm 
Same, idrk either, I just based the idea on someone else's (which I credited), but modified it a bit... which ended up with this currently unfinished mod... this was originally uploaded for Alpha Testing but meh
bruhvonbruh Apr 16 @ 1:08pm 
i've watched every single godzilla movie since the 1954 one but i really don't know how it can be turned into a hoi4 mod