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Fatherland: Colonial Empires
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Fatherland: Colonial Empires

Experience a dynamic galaxy where new nations are born from the old in a constant cycle of death and rebirth!

If you are using mods that REMOVE existing ethics (e.g removes spiritualist, authoritarian etc) the mod may break. Adding in new ethics or changing values of existing shouldn't effect the mod at all!

Fatherland: Colonial Empires (FCE) introduces the ability for POPS within an empire to strike out on their own, founding new empires which can in time come to rival your own! It also expands the Doomsday Origin by allowing for a great hegira inspired by the Hyperion Cantos novels. This system is fully modular, allowing you to set the speed and how many new nations can be created for players, the AI's and globally. Barren Galaxy’s settings are now a viable and fun gameplay alternative.

Major Features
* Generate new custom empires with history and flavor
* New Origins, Civics and Traits (Generated during the game not at gamestart)
* Additional Events and Expanded Origins
* Fully customizable settings. From barren galaxies to full ones.
* Play-As any new nation (enabled in options)

The main part of FCE, Rogue Colonies are a new nation type that can be born from any / all normal empires (Fallen Empires etc planned in the future). There are currently 10 types of Rogue Colonies, with special types for certain empires.

Those who dream of a new start on a new world, plucky explorers leave in search of settling the new frontier. They will likely share your ethics and be friendly towards you.

Not happy with the dominating ethics and authority of your empire, this empire is formed of those who dream of another way of living. Dissidents are somewhat unfriendly too you, and will likely not share your ethics or authority.

Representing a minority cultural, religious or ethnic group that has always lived on the fringes of your society. The persecuted minority has fled the empire in search of a new land to call their own. They will remember their trials, and the villains who lorded over them.

Not all companies will go quietly into the night when nationalisation and anti-trust come calling. A tiny few, often lead by charismatic demagogues will instead elect to flee the empire and form their own megacorp outside your meddling restrictions and "equitable working conditions". They are neutral towards their fatherland.

For those empires that dabble in dangerous AI research, there is always the chance one may get loose and flee into the depths of space. The Rogue AI is a new, randomly generated AI empire born from organic meddling. They are neutral towards you.

The game of imperial politics is dangerous, and when you loose, death is the sure outcome. For those feudal houses that anger the empire, banishment beyond its borders is the best they can hope for. The Banished House is an imperial, feudal society. They dream of returning to the empire and claiming the throne for themselves.

When slaves revolt, rare is the chance to wrest control of a planet form their masters. However, another option is to flee the empire, and live free beyond the border. They loathe their former captors, and will have the option to declare total war in the hopes of liberating their brothers and sisters.

This empire of servile proles fled their fatherland, and dream of undoing the reshaping themselves and their still captive brothers into something better. On formation, these proles will have their Servile trait replaced by the Liberated Servile trait, allowing for leadership at a severe penalty.

We did not see what the trap until it was too late, now we rest in gilded cages while our rogue servitors pulled the strings. The Liberated Biotrophies are those people who through cunning, guile and luck have escaped their robot benefactors. They despise their former masters, and will do whatever it takes to remain free and liberate their brothers.

Our Homeworld is dying, the Doomsday is nearly here, and so begins The Hegira.

When taking to the stars with the Doomsday Origin, you will not be the only one. The chaos that accompanies the search, not all of the oldworld nations are happy to stand by. Many will strike out on their own to try find a new world, most will never be heard from again, some will survive. Rogue Nations of the hegira will have special interactions, and can start of in a federation together (if enabled). Think of this as a supercharged common ground.

Special: Nations of Earth
If you start as an altered UNE that has the human_1 flag (in empire creation edit UNE and save a new empire) with Doomsdays you will get a set of 14 custom Hegira Nations representing fantasy versions of real world countries. Enjoy!

Recommended Mods
- Dynamic Mod Menu 3.0 - If installed settings are now accessed via DMM and not Edicts.

Performance and Compatibility
- No Vanilla files were harmed in the making of this mod.
- Every effort has been made to ensure this mod effects performance as little as possible. The vast majority of events are triggered on a yearly pulse, and many other events are triggered via decisions or other events firing.

Language and Translations
* Built in English localisation, addons currently avaliable.
- Russian Translation by Jonathan

Known Bugs & Issues
Known Bugs & Issues (Thanks to everyone whos reporting them in the comments!)

Support the Mod

For the best support, find me at #mrfuneguys-mods on the Stellaris Modding Den Discord:


If you would to support the continued development of Fatherland or my other mods, please consider donating with a one time or ongoing!


Those Who Dare RPG - Founders Edition
Those Who Dare is an innovative new tabletop RPG from the creator of Fatherland allowing you to play in any era of human history from our past to far future, or mix and match your game for a fun alt history experience. If you’re a fan of tabletop, or want to try and get into the game Those Who Dare is a great choice. Our crowdfunding campaign is live now until the 14th of December. Hope to see you there!
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Sacroknox May 28 @ 7:27pm 
Love this mod, it really keeps the game interesting as time goes on. I have played with the Hegira scenario before and thought it was a lot of fun. You've done some good work bud.

For someone who only has rudimentary knowledge of modding EU4, what did the update do to the Hegira events? I doubt it was localization side, all scripts maybe? I ask out of my own curiosity nothing more.
MrFunEGUY  [author] May 26 @ 7:30pm 
Read the comment right under yours, c'mon now.
Szarrukin May 26 @ 4:43pm 
It really should be mentioned in mod description that Hegira event is currently not working.
StormFather  [author] May 24 @ 7:36pm 
Quick update: Making progress on the Hegira fix/rework. Should expect some update on that in the near future.
MrFunEGUY  [author] May 19 @ 10:07am 
Yes, go to the rogue options. You can do that either using the menu on game start, or using the edict after game start.
virtuozzo May 19 @ 2:36am 
Curious, I adore being able again to enjoy this, but I do wonder - is there a way to tweak the speed/timing of new empire spawning in the mod itself?
MrFunEGUY  [author] May 16 @ 6:55pm 
Yeah, just turn off all AI empires and primitives but keep this mod enabled.
Shadow Dragon May 16 @ 12:30pm 
Soooo does this mod make it possible to start alone in the galaxy, but then populate it?
MrFunEGUY  [author] May 14 @ 8:37am 
Carl Pease May 14 @ 7:55am 
Ok I have put this off long enough. It is such a minor issue. Typo in the Rogue Colony settings: Spwaning Time.