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Advanced Character Search
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Jan 2, 2021 @ 8:58am
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Advanced Character Search

9.9 Fixing sort based on willigness to join court. txt for contribution from stoyanr

This are additions to normal search:​
  • Sort by willingness to join your court
  • Undo feature with up to 100 times
  • Search window do not close automatically.
  • Check if someone do not have a particular trait. (Especially useful when search who will become next witch)
  • Check for characters with any sinful, virtuous, commander, lifestyle trait. Or with any good or bad genetic trait. Or with any disease or any infamous (crime) trait.
  • Extensive heritage search
  • Search in near by realms
  • Check if someone is not ruler and not a heir
  • Younger Adults and Older Adults
  • Not Betrothed, Betrothed characters
  • Having secret of someone, or not having secret or hook
  • Filter by your house, not your house, filter not lowborn but not in your family.
  • Magic sauce sort which take all stats health and age in account.
  • Sort by gold
  • Sort by gold monthly balance
  • Sort by income
  • Sort by expenses
  • Sort by prestige
  • Sort by piety
  • Sort by military strength
  • Sort by dread
  • Sort by progeny (number of descendants)
  • Sort by claims
  • Heritage tooltip where you can see all titles this character is in line of succession.
  • More information for every character visible.
  • Fine tuning which religion to select and which not to select.

Translation Projects:

Forum link:
Code for this mode can be find here:
Mod on Paradox website:

Tnx to MacAwesome for allowing me to used his asset for character boarder.
Tnx to Lucas182 for designing icons.
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Vaso Peras-Likodric  [author] 9 hours ago 

You can sort by it.
Dexter 22 hours ago 
can I filter whether a character would accept being invited to court or not?
Lost Nomad Mar 27 @ 6:39am 
Okay I added a pull on your github but as usual with github I have no idea if it actually worked, it gave me what looked like a success screen in browser then spazzed out as per usual :steamfacepalm:

So it may have worked, and then again it may not :steambored:

This is my usual welcome back to the ultra intuitive friendly world of github :steamhappy:
SaulApostle Mar 27 @ 4:43am 
Thank you for your reply

What I want is someone I can invite

Perhaps it can be simplified and focused on identity, not belonging to the cabinet, not belonging to knights, not belonging to player heirs.

court ministers, or pure vagrants

Even without the bulk invitation function, a clean invitable filter is sufficient
Lost Nomad Mar 26 @ 9:10pm 
Don't stress over the timeline, I've made local changes so I'm good, but what I meant was please add those fixes to your next update whenever it is so when your update overwrites my local copy I don;t have to redo the changes.

If I get the time I'll look in to providing the changes via github.
Vaso Peras-Likodric  [author] Mar 26 @ 8:36pm 

Even minor changes to gui or txt file makes mod achivement incopatible.

And this mod basicly create full new gui page.

So no.
Vaso Peras-Likodric  [author] Mar 26 @ 8:34pm 
@SaulApostol, I transleted your message (google) in one moment in past and if I remember correctly you asked for some new filter.

I think that that filter is possible, but I lack time to implemented.
Vaso Peras-Likodric  [author] Mar 26 @ 8:30pm 
@General Profit.

These calculations are demanding and I guess they can be slow.

My pc specs are pretty disent (5900x, 128GB, Radeon 6600) and sometimes I have a lag for the moment when I open search from whole character list.

Thing that affect search speed:
1. Starting list of characters. Do not use all in this section if anyhow possible. Try using Close Relms and Top Relms.
2. Speed is slowed down lineary with number of filtera. More filters you have, more time it needs to apply them.
3. There is a check box which control if you will do the search as soon as you change the filter. Uncheck this checkbox and use reload button instead.

I hope this helps . I spent a lot of time trying to make it as fast as possible, but this is best I feel it can be done by not having access to c++ and by using paradox script. Any speed improvements will be apritiated.
Vaso Peras-Likodric  [author] Mar 26 @ 8:18pm 
@Lost Nomad

At the moment I am not near my gaming pc. I have remote access to it, but that is not most convinient.

I will try to find time to incorporate your fixes, but I cannot promiss any timeline.

If you want to speed up things a little you can make a pull request with this changes on github. It would be easier for me to review the changes and to merge them.

On quick glance your suggestions look reasonable.
Lost Nomad Mar 26 @ 7:59am 
@Vaso Peras-Likodric
I provided some bug fixes for you in the Bugs discussion. You should be able to just drop them in your code, after review ofc.