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BIG Suburbs Style
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Aug 29 @ 6:44am
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BIG Suburbs Style

BIG Suburbs Style for hockenheim95's new Suburbia Modpack.
This is ONLY a district style for usage with the Building Themes mod or the vanilla games district style feature!

If you encounter any issues with the buildings, go to the following site, this is only a district style and does not include any buildings, streets or props.

You NEED the dependencies in order to use this style:
If you do not want to decorate everything yourself, you also NEED to subscribe to the prop collection:

This style ONLY contains low residential growables. If you use any different area markings, there won't spawn any buildings.
I suggest using the "Building Themes" Mod in order to customize this theme to your liking, adding shops and what not.

I used the original Thumbnail from hockenheim95 and edited it. Credits to the original go to him.
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tonycoolbek Sep 8 @ 1:31pm 
I agree with naus! @TehFocus and @hockenheim95 Thank you both for helping our community make CS worth playing with some amazing assets, that should have been default in the first place! These mods really make the game worth playing and are turly revolutionary for the game!

As I've said before I hope the makers of CS take note so Hockenheim can be one of the next community dlc contributors like Leno was!
naus7503 Sep 8 @ 10:11am 
@TehFocus and @hockenheim95 Thank you both for your efforts as I love having the style to easily grow hockenheim's artwork! Both of your efforts combined made the journey in building my city a lot more easier and fun :-)
hockenheim95 Sep 8 @ 2:48am 
@TehFocus I did mean the artwork you're using together with my logos etc...this is the main factor people are looking at. But thanks for the changes. I don't want to be the owner of this release. If I would have wanted to release this I would have released it myself! :)
TehFocus  [author] Sep 7 @ 4:39am 
Changed wording here and there, replaced screenshots with my own, removed after dark dependency. I had that enabled because your buildings show the after dark icon in the content manager. I trust you its no problem.

As for the fact that people ask here for help, i'll tell them to go elsewhere from now on if it comes up.

You know it would have been nice if you would accept my friend request so I can add you as the owner of this item, which was what I asked from the beginning.
hockenheim95 Sep 7 @ 12:58am 
Hello TehFocus,

I would kindly like to ask you to remove my artwork from your release. It has nothing to do with the gods being hateful but you are confusing people with this and I try to explain you why

1. You added After Dark as a dependency. BIG Suburbs does not need After Dark! People are finding something on the workshop and don't read every description so they think this is official and don't suscribe because they don't have After Dark.

2. You are preventing people from adressing constructive feedback to the right address. People are desciribing their problems with BIG Suburbs here in this thread but you can't answer these questions because you don't have anything to do with the creation of BIG Suburbs.

Here is the link to the official BIG Suburbs Collection:

@bumbalu: I fixed that bug!!
bumbalu Sep 3 @ 3:13am 
why are my bus lines acting all strange? sometimes they need to go around blocks?
TehFocus  [author] Sep 3 @ 2:33am 
@brandonprice2008 it will probably work without After Dark.
Cheesz_it Sep 2 @ 7:17pm 
i hate how good mods need dlc i wish i could play it
DAMNimST0NED Aug 31 @ 6:32am 
worked perfectly <3
Kuzey Tekinoğlu Aug 30 @ 1:31pm 
very nice city