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SMCO - Wild Space Compatibility
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Jul 21 @ 8:17am
Aug 27 @ 8:30pm
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SMCO - Wild Space Compatibility

In 1 collection by Arnix (Ahelex)
Slightly More Celestial Objects (SMCO)
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Latest Update (2020-08-27)
  • Standardised mechanism for spawning rogue planet wild space systems so that it works better with SMCO.

This mod spawns a few of SMCO's rogue planets on Wild Space's systems, complete with their anomalies and events.

The following load order should be:
  1. Either Wild Space or SMCO
  2. (Optional) Wild Space Rim Systems
  3. This mod

Credit to Wild Space belongs to the creator. SMCO is my mod.
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Arnix (Ahelex)  [author] Sep 2 @ 7:04am 

Alright, fixed that in the main SMCO file, where the rogue planet mechanisms are located.
Spider Sep 2 @ 2:57am 
When SMCO spawns a Wild Space system (usually when entering another Wild Space system), there are no collecting hyperlanes between the two systems, resulting in an isolated Wild Space system that can only be reached with Jump Drives.

If it matters, this is happening in the 'Massive' galaxy map from the Wild Space "Space Is Big" map pack.
Angelic Burrito Jul 22 @ 8:52pm 
This, imo, is necessary to flesh out wild space; now it's more than neutral zone: I really have a reason to explore all of the empty void.
Thanks again!
DragoonBlade Jul 22 @ 9:28am 
Thanks, that helps.
Arnix (Ahelex)  [author] Jul 22 @ 9:16am 

You need both SMCO and Wild Space (check the Required Items). The load order is written to tell you that it doesn't matter how you order the two required mods.
DragoonBlade Jul 22 @ 9:13am 
Do you need both SMCO and Wild Space or just one or the other? Your description doesn't isn't really clear on that...
Spider Jul 21 @ 11:20am 
Awesome, thanks!
JenkoRun Jul 21 @ 10:34am 
Many thanks