Kinetic Void

Kinetic Void

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Escape Velocity: Nova ships
Spaceships from the video game: Escape Velocity: Nova. All ships where build in Kinetic void by me.
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S-35 Modified Starbridge
Created by Gortern
Here it is, the most iconic starship in EV Nova, the Starbridge. I chose to go with the modified class C version instead.
I actually failed to create the starbridge a week ago, but determination and han zimmer's music gave me the knowledge I needed. I'm s...
Pirate Manticore
Created by Gortern
Remodeled, ship is now more true to the actual manticore.

Modeled after the famous Pirate Manticore from Esacpe Velocity Nova,
took 1.5 hours to make, enjoy.

Mass: 2.9M
HP: 21M
Shield: 1.2M
Parts used: 700 range
Sensor range: 1000
Max targets...
Auroran Cruiser
Created by Gortern
Heres some Auroran for you, the cruiser is quite a magnificent ship. It tempts me to make a Leviathan next...

Mass: 68266
Durability: 3,044,500
Total Power: 593750
Power Needed: 50,005


Fowards: 194,400
Pitch / Yaw: 48,600
Old Earth Leviathan 31D Model
Created by Gortern
I told you I was tempted. I feel like this is the best I can do because I'm minimalized by the annoying bending bug. In case you were not aware the 31D model has no weapons however 5 rings of cargo just like the real deal.

Mass: 303,356
Durabilty: 2,...
Civilian Thunderhead
Created by Gortern
The Mighty Thunderhead. one of my favorite ships in EV Nova. I had to make 4 versions of it before I finally got this one.

Mass: 1,253
Durability: 21,190
Total Power: 7,500
Power Needed: 2,505


Forward: 16,200
Pitch / Yaw: 4,0...
Pirate Thunderhead
Created by Gortern
Updated for D15

Heres a Pirate Thunderhead I had for quite some time, I didn't upload it sorry.. :(

but, Here it is, it has two lasor cannons and one lockon torpedo missle as well as a 3rd engine. Enjoy....
S-35 Starbridge [REMASTERED]
Created by Gortern
I felt that I needed to redo this ship, so I did, heres the remasted edition of one of the most memorable ships from EV Nova. enjoy...
Pirate S-25 Starbridge
Created by Gortern
Pirate Varient of the S-25 Starbridge, upgraded with engine power, guns and HP...
Pirate Viper
Created by Gortern
As soon as Comara released the Viper frame on the general market, a few shiploads of frames were bought up by notorious pirate shipwright Olaf Greyshoulders. He and his crew have totally refitted the shell, and the familiar shape of its advanced armor plat...
Federation Viper
Created by Gortern
With the rapid development of spaceflight, it was inevitable that sports (racing in particular) would come to fruition sooner rather than later. Power Sled Racing stood up to the challenge. A few intrepid hot-rodders discovered that one particular sled, th...
Rebel Viper
Created by Gortern
With the rapid development of space flight, it was inevitable that sports (particularly racing) would come to fruition sooner rather than later. Power Sled racing stood up to the challenge. A few intrepid hot-rodders noticed that one particular sled, the V...
Civilian Viper
Created by Gortern
Power Sled racing originally developed this as a racing sled for the Galactic Racing Network. However, it didn’t take space farers long to begin tweaking it as a means of travel. It is now used as the mainstream short-range fighter for the Federation, Rebe...