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Stronger defense platforms
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Feb 6, 2020 @ 11:30pm
Jun 29 @ 10:36pm
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Stronger defense platforms

In the base game defense platforms are expensive and somewhat underpowered.
This mod provides a series of small buffs to make defense platforms more useful without altering the meta.

* Defense platforms not have Large utility slots instead of medium ones. Allowing for larger shields and armor.
* Reactor power output is increased to allow for full shields platforms to be made.
* The base platform cost is slightly reduced.
* The base hull points is increased to 2500 from 2000. (This is enough to prevent it from being oneshoted)
* The platform upkeep cost is reduced by 25%.
* Weapons on a defense platform receive a 5% boost to fire rate.
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Stacdaed  [author] Jun 29 @ 10:38pm 
Updated to support 3.4.5>
I have managed to reduce the scope somewhat. (Thought not quite as far as I would like)
hypersot Jun 17 @ 12:11pm 
That would be hard to explain for me since I'm not a modder.

In general, you can edit only the blocks of brackets you are interested in and include only them in a file with a different name but in the same folder. eg. dsp_00_ship_sizes.txt
That way only that portion of the file will get overwritten.

That's basically how I make some very simple patches for the mods I use.

As I said though, I'm not the best to explain the procedure. However, it would be great if you followed that way to create your mod as it would be highly compatible with other mods.
Stacdaed  [author] Jun 17 @ 11:59am 
@hypersot They are in the same file. So I don't know a way to avoid it. If there is, please let me know
hypersot Jun 17 @ 1:48am 
I noticed that the mod modifies all ships, from colonizers and constructors up to Titan ships.
By doing so, it conflicts with many mods out there.

Are those changes really necessary for the mod to work properly?
LegendFusion May 28 @ 7:55am 
Is it possible to get a NCS compatible version?
Stacdaed  [author] May 15 @ 6:03pm 
> How does this mod take into account the re-balancing of Platforms that 3.4 did?

In the base game prior to 3.4 there was no extension to the range of weapons on defense platforms, This mod added that. However in 3.4 as this was already incorporated into the base game, that feature was removed from the mod as it was unneeded.

Similarly, prior to 3.4 the base platform hp was 1500. The mod makes it 2500 but in 3.4 the base value has been increased to 2000 so the change made by the mod is smaller.

So basically the base game incorporated a more limited version of what was already present in this mod.
Selmephren May 14 @ 10:27pm 
Thanks for your work Stacdaed!
Peter34 May 14 @ 10:26pm 
How does this mod take into account the re-balancing of Platforms that 3.4 did?
Stacdaed  [author] May 14 @ 5:47pm 
Fix to work with 3.4 is released
The Cosmic Comrade May 13 @ 2:59pm 
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