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Rise of the First Order V.1.b
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Jan 13 @ 8:04pm
Jan 19 @ 5:37am
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Rise of the First Order V.1.b

UPDATE NEWS: BETA V.1.b released

If you fire the Starkiller Base - please change your gamespeed to normal for the best experience

This update includes:

- You can now target 5 Planets at once with the Starkiller Base (This will also destroy every fleets and stations in the system)
- Other empires now hate you if you fire Starkiller Base

Important: The Starkiller Base can only be built if you select the First Order starting Race!
To Fire it, go into the system with the planet you wish to destroy, click on the yellow construction ship button on the bottom left of your screen and select the megastructure tab on the ship (the button that looks like a dyson sphere) and select "Planetery Target Marker" once you selected it left click on your desired planet it will be set as a target.

You can only destroy planets for now.

More update news: The Animated First Order Portraits mod will be INTEGRATED soon into this mod - so you can look forward to new portrait models soon.

Please Note: The First Order ships can only be built if you select the Star Wars Emire ships design - the First Order ship design currently has NO ships in it, just ignore it.

NSC Season 4 is not needed - just use it if you want more Star Wars ships

- Star Wars Ships For Stellaris 2.5.X
- (-NSC2 Season 4-)
- UI Overhaul Dynamic

Known Issues
  • The Resurgent Class SD currently has NO TURRETS - as there is no Star Wars turret mod available compatible with 2.5.1


Modified Vanilla files:

- All maintheme files
- All music files
- frontend_background
- apocalypse_frontend

Current Features
- Functioning Starkiller Base Weapon (Megastructure) - Functioning Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought (Ship) - Mandator IV-class Firing Effect & Sound (Sounds buggy sometimes) - Functioning Resurgent Class SDS - Functioning Supremacy Mega-class Dreadnought - Functioning Eclipse Class (With weapon fire effect) - TIE/fo fighter Hangar Component - TIE/vn fighter Hangar Component - Star Killer Base Planet - First Order Starting Race - 100+ handpicked ingame music tracks (Completely replaces Vanilla music) - Custom Loading Screen - Custom Menu Music - Custom Technologys - Custom Pops and Leaders - Custom Buildings - Custom loading screens - Custom Ship name list - First Order Army Types - Custom Menu Design - Custom Policy's

Planned Features
- Make the Supremacy a Juggernaut- after Federation DLC release - More Technologys - More Loading Screens - Better custom Menu Design - More Custom Buildings - More Custom Policy's

BIG thanks to EDDY for creating the Supremacy and the Eclipse Model 虚空雪狐 驱逐 and EDDY for helping me with the models Nomada for letting me use the Mandator IV Model force728 for letting me use his Portrait .dds files. Frstwlf for letting me use his Resurgent Class Model Warb Null and Jeroenimo for letting me use the Starkiller Base model and skin SeanMungo for creating the policies Elowiny for allowing me to use his nicoll dyson beam firing method

I was and am new to modding. Besides that, I am not a game developer. I build this mod from scratch with the help of some other mods.
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Star Destroyers
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Silver Just now 
for some reason when i have this mod active if i open the ship desinger after reasching battleship the game just crashes
Robert E.O. Speedwagon 30 minutes ago 
Love the mod, would it be possible to stop the ships from constantly bunching up? It looks real bad and ruins the immersion
Nozuki 43 minutes ago 
How do we create the Starkiller Base? Because I'm stuck in the endgame with the Death Star and I really want to get the Starkiller Base, we need Utopia to build it right?
Coulson  [author] 52 minutes ago 
@Illinoisball Maybe but probaply no
Illinoisball 1 hour ago 
can you add the Xyston star destroyer in the future?
Capcan Price 1 hour ago 
It is broken for me. I even did their tutorial on how to correct the errors yet it just broke my game
Coulson  [author] 1 hour ago 
@Capcan Price Sure it does
But we will add our own ships in a few days (Wich will replace vanilla ships + nsc4 support) so you won´t need it anymore
Capcan Price 1 hour ago 
The Star Wars mod for ships doesn't even work
Nozuki 11 hours ago 
Well I see we need the shipyard for the "little" dreadnought (the one who is clearly a regulary star destroyer of first order) but is that what you call a star destroyer?
gotta say, the mandator IV is as big a disappointment here as it was in the film, wish it could get at least SOME beefing up, disney made that ship crap on purpose so it could actually get blown up by the flailing rebels, I doubt any good ship designer would keep it like that, but with all that said, I like that it's like the film, just means not leaving it alone with enemy fleets like they did in the movie