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Space Greeks and Romans
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Space Greeks and Romans

As you know, Roman namelist was added to Stellaris a long time ago. However, Roman portraits were not added to the game, and I decided to fix it. I present two sets of portraits, Roman and Greek, very similar, but nevertheless having major differences. Also five new prescripted empires were added to the game:

-Res Publica Prometheia, based on a hybrid of the Roman Republic, the Rebellion of Spartacus and Soviet Russia

-Hehemony of Lacedaemon, based on Sparta

-Imperium Aurelium, based on the Roman Empire of the Principate era

-Union of Minervania, based on Athens

-Aigaian Empire, based on ancient Macedonia.

The randomly generated empires of space Greeks and Romans may also appear in the game.

Ironman versions:
Space Romans:
Space Greeks:

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Crazy Old Texan Jan 20 @ 3:18pm 
Great mod! Thank you.
RevanSykesGaming Jan 18 @ 3:45pm 
yep... definitely using this mod for the Imperium of Man!
tilarium Jan 18 @ 2:01am 
Not applicable because this doesn't change the humans, it adds them as two new races under a different culture.
InterKid Jan 17 @ 2:47pm 
Compatibility for the better human portrait mods?
Energywelder Jan 17 @ 11:05am 
"Ranks of Bronze" anyone? One of Crassus' legions gets sold into slavery as mercenaries for aliens who are restricted by interstellar law from using advanced technology to subdue "uncivilized worlds". Personally I loved the unofficial sequel "The Excalibur Alternative" even more.
CovenantKillerJ Jan 17 @ 10:39am 
This is really cool. Is there a possibility of getting space Celts? (Celtic Britons specifically).
Chicken Bot Jan 16 @ 11:54am 
Remove Kebab
PSIONIC海豹 Jan 16 @ 5:41am 
Ceddin deden~🎵
Watch-Captain Mannerheim Jan 15 @ 4:53pm 
Thank you for such amazing mod
tilarium Jan 15 @ 10:32am 
Addon to that. Might it be possible to make a seperate combined version?