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Lotus Cortina
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Dec 17, 2019 @ 10:00am
Apr 3 @ 5:25am
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Lotus Cortina

03/04/20 Update v0.400 - See change notes

The Lotus Cortina is one of the most iconic touring cars in history. The car was developed and run by Team Lotus, who were the F1 World Constructors Champions. The car was also driven by the legendary Jim Clark, who was the F1 Drivers World Champion. This sort of input from a leading Formula 1 team wouldn't be repeated until Williams Renault built the Laguna in the mid 90s.

A number of other drivers are associated to this car including Jackie Stewart, Jack Ickx, Frank Gardner, Jack Sears and Sir John Whitmore.

--- The Car ---
Based on the humble Ford Cortina, Lotus then added their Twin-Cam 116E engine and improved the suspension and handling. First homologated in late 1963 and then raced until the end of 1966.

--- The Mod ---
Included in this mod are 3 main versions of this legendary car:

> Historic Road Car - This is the original version available to the public. With just 105bhp it may feel underpowered by modern day standards, but it was a lot in 1963. The original Ermine White with a Sherwood Green stripe is the only colours the car originally came in, but here there are 9 other fictional versions to add some colour to the grid.

> Historic Race Car - This is the racing version of the road car. Suspension is now slightly improved. Lotus, with help from Cosworth, improved the power output of the Twin-Cam engine significantly over the 3 years of development and that is reflected in the mod. There are 60 historically accurate skins from the 1965 and 1966 seasons faithfully recreated using original photographs.

There are four sub types of historic race car:
1965 Customer Race car. Run mainly by privateers. 140bhp.
1965 Works Race Car. Run by Team Lotus and Alan Mann Racing. 150bhp.
1966 Customer Race Car. Run mainly by privateers. 160bhp.
1966 Works Race Car. Run by Team Lotus and Alan Mann Racing. 180bhp.

> Modern Race Car - Cortinas have a great following and are still popular today. The regulations and rules are still the same, but the improvements in technology and safety have improved. The suspension and brakes have been improved and a modern roll cage and race seat have been added. Power is now 180bhp. (There is only 1 livery available at time of release. More will be added soon)

> Upgrades
- Three different wheel options
- Removable chrome bumpers
- 6 engine options including the Cosworth FVA 225bhp engine.
- 3 suspension options - Road, Historic Racing, Modern Racing
+ more

***All cars are now compatible with the new rFactor2 UI. All cars have the new PBR/IBL shaders. All cars have working rain effects and windscreen wipers.***

> Huge thanks to BerScott who laid the ground work for this car in rF1. Without him, this mod wouldn't exist.
> Big thanks to John Danby Racing who have tested the car and given lots of real world data and setup values and also tested and validated the car in game.
> Many thanks to the beta testers who have spent many hours helping to perfect the experience.

Original rF1 conversion: Berscott
rF2 Conversion: dylbie
3D Model and textures: Turn10 & dylbie & HistorX (Steel rims) & Pessio (Minilite wheels)
Wipers: Bernd & dylbie
Skins: dylbie & Ned
Physics: Berscott (rF1) & dylbie (rF2) & ISI (tyres)
Sounds: Wolferl (engine) & dylbie
Testers: Denis B, Sven D, senormen, Andy S, John Danby Racing, RST R, Marc H, Nick C, Thorsten B.
*All original content is the property of the original authors.
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gerry11170 May 23 @ 4:57am 
cool car
D.julien Apr 7 @ 8:08am 
template ? link ?
racer7 Apr 4 @ 6:23pm 
Great update to this mod. Feels much more stable than the previous version and the FFB is much improved.

However, I found that there still is a sound problem in the BSCC historic racing version of the mod. I couldn't hear the engine and the gear and wind noises were way too loud. I tried the stock version and the modern version as well and their sound was fine. This will be lots of fun to drive.
ttb57 Apr 3 @ 10:07am 
Thanks for the update mate. Awesome....
Chelete V12 Mar 27 @ 12:39pm 
Great MOD, TOP 10 for me !!
Pedro Ramada Mar 24 @ 5:55am 
Hello Dylbie :D

First of all many congrats for this mod... to is so Great... seems so real in handling and behavior! Love it!!

The on thing that i would change ( Don't know if it is more real like it is currently ) the interior sound of the engine it self looks a bit asleep and low... for example in external cameras it is much more alive and detailed... so if we could have it a bit better in the interior cam cockpit would be even better!! :) Again... thanks a lot!! Looking forward to your opinion and or reply.
tjc Feb 20 @ 3:21pm 
Like the mod. It`s great to have the Lotus Cortina in rF2. Many thanks to all involved. I did notice a couple of things though. There`s a bit of clipping (I think that`s the right term) on the wheels. The rims pop over the tyres sometimes and also the tyres pop through the wheel arches when hard locking sometimes. Just thought I`d mention it. :)
neoligisticintel Feb 18 @ 10:51am 
Absolutely excellent, well worth a drive
Woodee Feb 12 @ 9:58am 
Just thought i'd let you know :)
dylbie  [author] Feb 11 @ 1:56am 
Hi Woodee thanks for that. Ill look into those and fix them for the next update.