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Done because everyone kept asking for it. Now shut your yaps I did it. It was less work that expected; i'm surprised no one else did this earlier. Maybe because the base mod mostly still works.

The Tall White shipset by COLA updated for both Stellaris and NSC. Contains no new ships or designs, and due to its nature as a revision may come with bugs or issues; including ones unresolved from the base mod. Please comment about any bugs below.

TO USE: Activate this mod and disable the base TALL WHITE shipset mod. This patch works mid-game and is reversible at any time, an unlimited number of times. You do NOT need the main mod; this was done for management and performance reasons.

For more infomation on this shipset please see the original mod. All content is taken from there.

Yes this is a lazy copy of the STREGA description bite me.

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spectre199 Dec 8 @ 3:02pm 
was wondering could you make a compatiblity patch for Zenith of the fallen Empires 2.0
Brand Murphy Dec 8 @ 4:36am 
Why is the battleship the same as the destroyer. It used to have a hammer head shape, what happened
Savitar Dec 7 @ 1:53am 
Hi, I was wondering if you could make a compatibility patch for zenith of the fallen empires 2.0 and real space system scale if you have the time,everything works fine except for the ringworlds, they are disconnected (huge space between parts of the ringworld) tried messing with the load order but it doesn't change anything or the game just won't start. I'd do it myself but I'm a dummy and I don't understand a single thing in stellaris modding :D
SIR.LAGGZALOT Dec 6 @ 7:47pm 
how do you activate the unfallen ships?
Nuclear Millipede Dec 6 @ 12:37pm 
I love you
Inimicus Dec 6 @ 10:20am 
Does this work with Downscaled Ships, or atleast the Downscaled Ships patch for the original?
Same Question for the STREGA Updated pack too.
ChoSunSpyMan Dec 6 @ 3:23am 
The size of the carrier in SCX mod is unnatural.
It's too big for downscale mod
It's too small for a vanilla.
Seanie Dec 5 @ 4:19pm 
you da bes, you a genius, I 'preciate you
TheNyxor Dec 5 @ 12:12pm 
So uh... are the Unfallen ships the *only* ES2 ship set you're going to be working on in the near future? Cause there's a certain group of armored space vampires whose ships would be amazing in here (especially if the highlight colors could be changed). And yeah, you are epic. Thanks for all this!
Danger! Flying Objects Dec 4 @ 10:33pm 
And here I was JUST thinking about this mod set, what the hell. You are indeed a generous god, as you can read my damn mind.

It's greatly appreciated! Good luck with your busy month.