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RIG Weapon Diversity 2.3+
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Aug 31 @ 6:11am
Sep 16 @ 2:27pm
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RIG Weapon Diversity 2.3+

Updated for 2.3+

Warning, this mod edits ship_designer.gui. Meaning that some UI mods will be impacted.

Hello, welcome to Re Imagined Gaming Weapon Diversity.

Features of this mod.

- A complete rework of almost every weapon in the game.

- In addition to RIGSD, factions are now granted access to one type of weapon at the start.
----- Arthropoid = Explosive
----- Avian = Lasers
----- Fungoid = Missiles
----- Humanoid = Plasma
----- Mammalian = Kinetic
----- Molluscoid = Exotic
----- Plantoid = Lasers
----- Reptilian = Plasma
----- Artifical = Lasers
----- Any other graphics get access to everything. But no bonus to any.

- Three tiers of defence platforms have been reintroduced, with additions.
----- Platforms are now granted Starbase specific weapon sets. (XL to M)
----- Platforms can now get XL sized cannons.
----- (NOTE) platforms are not currently factional. I do have plans to make them factional. But im not sure i need to.

- All weapons have Small Medium Large and X-large icons for them. Something I’m amazed no other mod has done.



Known bugs.
- New factions that spawn throughout the game, specifically primitive cultures, will not get access to the weapons or bonuses of RIGSD or RIGWD. I think ill need an event to fire when these awaken. Im unsure how to do this.

- The starting Starbase has a bug which i cannot seem to eliminate. Its partly due to how my mod overwrites the original weapon list, but also due to the fractured nature of the autobuild mechanic. The starting Starbase willnot spawn with weapons at the start of the game. This will not occur for new starbases. To get around this, deconstruct and rebuild one time. (FIXED IN NEXT UPDATE)
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MorallyGray  [author] 7 hours ago 
Its because that weapon is a hidden weapon the critters use. It will be auto applied by the auto builder if the average damage is higher than the other guns. I jsut need to up the damage of the guns slightly to make that go away. I'll probs do that this week.
-_BlacKBurn_- 9 hours ago 
also i just noticed every faction including player will auto upgrade their ships with amobea small weapons even in start of the game dont know whats going on :D disabling auto upgrade fixes it for player but ai still uses them until they get something bbetter
-_BlacKBurn_- 9 hours ago 
i currently just deleted your strikecraft file from rar :D vanilla fighters doing for now but ai weights of vanila dont match up with your strike craft faction bonuses
MorallyGray  [author] 22 hours ago 
@Pancakelord333. When a mod adds new hull types, what will happen is both the mods will add their hulls to the list of choices. Either the game will overwrite one, or add both together. But the immersion will be shattered either way. in the case of carrier hull types, which i assume is for the battleships, i would propose that you wont miss them. As my hulls in RIGSD add a lot of hanger modules. You might really enjoy playing with Arthropoid ships.

@-_BlacKBurn_- Pulse guns have been fixed as of this message. Snipers with that mod must have some code overlap, which would be very difficult. However, i will look into that.
MorallyGray  [author] 22 hours ago 
So, lets go through this.
@Pancakelord333. Simply put, this wont work ok with downscaled ships, because downscaled resizes the existing hulls. Mine required me to create new hulls, using existing assets. Thus, it simply wont effect my hulls. It will effect the weapons tho, so it will be big ships with tiny guns.

Yes strike craft have been played with, but will be improved upon in some serious ways to come. At the moment, they represent gen1 of my ideas. There are plans to make the drones size restricted based on ship size. As in corvettes, if they can hold them, would only be able to hold light drones. Whereas when i get to implementing them, carriers and the heavier stuff will have heavy drones and even bigger things.
-_BlacKBurn_- Sep 16 @ 10:37am 
large laser does more damage than large pulse
large pulse uses 1 less energy than normal laser
-_BlacKBurn_- Sep 16 @ 10:36am 
also have you worked on pulse weapon's energy and damage values i read where you said you will work on em

-_BlacKBurn_- Sep 16 @ 10:35am 
@Pancakelord333 sniper strikecraft are op also they cant be manually equipped only auto upgraded if you have strike craft expanded mod.
Pancakelord333 Sep 16 @ 9:50am 
I've just run across this (and your complementary species/hull mod, too) and they look really cool!, going to try them in a new game tonight. Got a few quick questions (some of this relates to species ship diversity too, but just want to make a single post):

- Do either/both these mods work OK with downscaled ships? (Which resizes everything)
- Have there been any major balance changes to strike craft / bombers in this?
- I use At war advanced ship sections. - I assume it's incompatible, so do your two mods do something similar by adding new hull types? (particularly carrier hull types?)