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Expanded Megacorp Civics
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Expanded Megacorp Civics

Reevaluate your portfolio with all new corporate civics.

Current offerings include:

New Civics
-Research Institute: Drive and monetize innovative paradigm shifts through customer education, nudging public discourse in more synergistic directions.
-Entertainment Empire: Capitalize on mythology manufacturing and spectacle production to capture maximum consumer surplus and optimize foreign markets for profitable collaboration.
-Consumer Goods Dynamo: Optimally leverage economies of scale in consumer goods production to undercut competitors even in saturated markets.
-Spaceship Pioneers: Align operations around being first to market in interstellar transport innovation in order to excel in the keystone of every trans-stellar commercial value chain.
-Heavy Industry Titan: Dominate the heavy B2B ecosystem through maximizing alloy throughput.
-Construction Company: Specialize in infrastructure instantiation, both to facilitate commerce and productivity for internal operations and as a monetizable service for external customers.

New Trade Policy
-R&D Focus (Research Institute and Technocracy only.)

Family Business has now been spun off into its own mod here:

-Family Business: Keep the company's c-suite among your relatives. They're reliable-ish, or at least social pressure keeps them from screwing up too much, so operations are fairly stable.
Enjoy all the fun of nepotism!

(Both compatible with this mod and functional on its own. However, it may conflict with other mods that alter the Capital Buildings file.)

Coming soon:
-Bloodsports: Score a win-win by monetizing and promoting interpersonal conflict for popular entertainment, while simultaneously either providing security personnel hands-on training/interviewing or downsizing of profit-threatening social elements.
-Vacation Nation: Capture upscale leisure time surplus through a focus on the development of exoplanetary hospitality locations.
-Bio-agriculture Giant: Specialize in biological necessities to ensure low-cost, reliable income sources.
-Corporate Locusts: Rapidly acquire and exploit biospheres to the point of extinction, thus ensuring explosive quarterly returns while enforcing long-term scarcity. (Corporate Genocidal Gameplay)

More civics may be added if anyone has solid suggestions or if I come up with anything, so recommendations and requests welcome!
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Sep 3 @ 7:18am
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Beast-Storm Sep 20 @ 6:31pm 
What about a Pharmaceutical and a Weapon's Manufacturer Contract??? For each 1 unit of food you automatically produces 0.5 Consumer Goods and 0.2 Unity for the Pharmaceutical Civic and the Weapon's Manufacturer Civic your Starships have 5% more weapon Damage on all types of weapons with increased research to certain research types related to weapons This is just a rough idea(s) I just felt the need to share since you making this mod, good luck Mouseshepherd
mouseshepherd  [author] Sep 9 @ 9:06am 
Build 1.5 is complete, adding the Construction Company.
Whether you want a faster start on initial planet structures and expansion, or to speed up your megastructures, Construction Company may be right for you.
mouseshepherd  [author] Sep 8 @ 9:50am 
Good work. I'll be happy to integrate these at the next patch, and would love to work with you on further updates (and give you proper credit), if you're available.
G_S_Palmer Sep 7 @ 4:23pm 
I saw you said you wanted to replace the icons with normal ones but haven't gotten to it, so if you're interested, I made a few mockups for the Entertainment Empire and Family Business civics: Google Drive link [].
mouseshepherd  [author] Sep 5 @ 6:59am 
@Braidborn the Broken
Um...are you familiar with the Indentured Assets civic? It's exactly that.
Braidborn the Broken Sep 4 @ 9:23pm 
Might I suggest an Indentured Servitude style civic, Basically a Slavery focused Megacorp specific Civic, If you have seen the show Continuum, the basic idea is the corporations own everything, so you are basically born into debt, and if you fail to adequately pay it off, you get a chip put in your head that basically forces you to work until you drop, becoming little more than an organic robot
Rough Sep 3 @ 3:15pm 
I dearly hope this is compatible with Civic Virtues
mouseshepherd  [author] Sep 3 @ 9:43am 
1.4 is now live, featuring the Heavy Industry Titan, so you can buff up your alloy production, and unload any surplus through a network of distributors.

After the lively discussion over the weekend, my plans have changed somewhat, so here is the order of priority:
1. Construction Company (should be fairly straightforward)
2. Vacation Nation
3. Bio-agriculture Giant (might have to be spun off on its own for potential compatibility reasons)
4. Bloodsports (will probably have to be spun off for potential compatibility reasons)
5. Corporate Locusts (will almost certainly be spun off for both potential compatability reasons, and likely needed beta testing)
John Canavi Sep 2 @ 2:28pm 
Casinos always add crime. Just look at Vegas.
mouseshepherd  [author] Sep 2 @ 12:00pm 
I'm trying not to put more than one new building per civic, but I like for a branch office casino building, though if it's corporately owned and above board I'm not sure why it would add crime.
Resort worlds already inherently add +15 immigration pull to your entire empire, so adding on top of that seems a little redundant. However, doubling the trade value of Resort Worlds and making them accessible from the start seems like an excellent way to incentivize making lots of them and stacking up major immigration and amenities modifiers for your empire very quickly.

I'll take a look at the Galaxy Bank mod. Additional trade attractiveness does sound quite advantageous in single-player games, but has issues with being less useful in multi-player.