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Ultimate Sci-fi Army Pack
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Ultimate Sci-fi Army Pack

The Ultimate Sci-fi Army Pack is an upgrade of my previous mod, Better Army Types. It combines all the previous armies, tweaks them, and adds many more through the use of traits. Each faction, including the misc, has a single trait that will enable all the armies for that species only. You can have an Old Republic species and a Forerunner species in the same nation. This mod can be installed in a current game, or be upgraded from my old mod, but please follow the steps that are listed later in the description. There are 117 assault armies and 7 defense armies total.

(The AI won't use the armies, even if given the trait. There are simply too many armies to add into the AI, and it doesn't let you choose what armies the AI individually builds. If any modder is capable of getting it to work, please let me know.)

All Armies
Misc - 24 units, taken from my other mod, Better Army Types, and slightly tweaked. (Path: Any, depending on playthrough and authority)

Unsc (Halo) - Decent standard units, insanely powerful special unit, best heros in the game, requires many many different technologies to activate all armies, expensive (10 assault armies) (Path: Genetic Modification).

Covenant (Halo) - Weak standard units, good hero, doesn't require many tech unlocks, cheap, quickly trained (10 assault armies) (Path: Any).

Forerunner (Halo) - Very good units in general, bad and expensive hero, great defensive unit, many units don't use morale, (6 assault armies, 1 defense army) (Path: Any).

Federation (Starship Troopers) - Mediocre starting units, amazing mid game units, no hero (4 assault armies 1 defensive army) (Path: Psionics).

Arachnids (Starship Troopers) - Weak units, very cheap, easy to train, no hero, doesn't use morale (5 assault armies 1 defensive army) (Path: Any)

Empire (Starwars: Galactic Civil War) - Good standard unit, powerful psi units, expensive, amazing hero (7 assault armies 1 defensive army) (Path: Psionics)

Rebels (Starwars: Galactic Civil War) - Weak units with high morale, mediocre hero, bad psionic units, cheap units (6 assault armies 1 defensive army) (Path: Psionics)

Republic (Starwars: Clone Wars) - Useless without clones, best basic infantry in the game, great and diverse heroes, very expensive, quickly trained (11 assault armies 2 defensive army) (Path: Psionics)

Republic (Starwars: Old Republic) - Cost effective standard units, cheap psi units, good hero (7a 1d) (Path: Psionics)

Sith Empire (Starwars: Old Republic) - Cost effective standard units, high morale damage psi units, good hero, powerful slave unit (8 assault armies) (Path: Psionics)

Eldar (Warhammer 40) - Amazing units, no hero, fairly expensive, very long to train (7 assault armies) (Path: Psionics)

Imperium (Warhammer 40) - Bad standard units, strongest late-game units, diverse and powerful heroes, very very expensive, quick to train (11 assault armies 1 defensive army) (Path: Genetic Modification)


Essential Technologies

Unsc - Level 2 Shields, Level 2 Armor, Gene Seed Purification, Gene Tailoring, Combat Training, Carrier Operations

Covenant - Afterburners, Gene Tailoring, Shields 2, Plasma Throwers

Forerunner - Exoskeletons

Federation - Telepathy, Exoskeletons

Arachnids - None

Empire - Telepathy, Level 2 and 3 Armor, Afterburners

Rebels - Telepathy, Combat Training

Republic - Telepathy, Gene Banks, Combat Training, Level 3 Armor

Old Republic - Telepathy, Combat Training, Level 2 Missiles,

Sith Empire - Telepathy, Combat Training (A FEW UNITS ARE SLAVES AND REQUIRE ENSLAVED POPS)

Eldar - Telepathy, Combat Training, Exoskeletons, Afterburners

Imperium - Bolters (custom early-ish tech), Plasma Throwers, Level 3 and 4 Armor, Level 2 and 3 Missiles, Gene Seed Purification, Exoskeletons, Level 3 and 4 Shields,


Adding to a save game
The factions are all traits, so you can add them as any other trait. They take up 0 slots and 0 points. You can also use this command to instantly finish genetic modification, but it will also finish all other research, so halt all projects before using it: finish_research . All custom events will not be triggered, and must be manually triggered with the command. Events not yet functional, I'm unable to spawn in hostile ships with events for some reason. If anyone knows how, please let me know.


Upgrading from Better Army Types
Step 1: Save your game with Better Army Types without USAP enabled
Step 2: Disable Better Army Types and enable USAP
Step 3a: Add the trait "Misc" using the steps under "Adding to a save game" if you wish to keep the basic faction
Step 3b: Add any other faction trait, but warning, you will be unable to train new misc units
Step 4: Save game
A few armies have been renamed and given new stats, but all units except Robotic Tanks should work fine.
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Foxt Sep 13 @ 11:45pm 
Faction-specific armies are not being counted by the game as armies when completing situation log events. For example, boarding cultist ships, which requires a transport ship in the same system. The game will not recognize a Covenant-type army as an army, and you will be unable to complete the event.
BaconDoneRight  [author] Sep 3 @ 3:05pm 
Sorry about the lack of updates, but I did fix the major misc army bug.
BaconDoneRight  [author] Sep 3 @ 2:44pm 
@Ness Yeah I'm aware. I'm trying to fix it, just give me a little bit longer.
Ness Sep 3 @ 9:18am 
I am still encountering a bug with the sci fi army trait only generating a hero unit for me to use and nothing else. I suspect it may be a bug that effects many of those 0 cost traits
BaconDoneRight  [author] Aug 26 @ 3:14pm 
@nameicanttype I'm aware of the issue. A fix should be out some time, maybe over the weekend.
ዪነፕሁሀሠሸ Aug 25 @ 8:58pm 
UPDATE: Yeah it's an issue with this mod because if I go back and use better armies they all show up again.
ዪነፕሁሀሠሸ Aug 25 @ 8:32pm 
Im currently using the misc army trait, and can't recruit anything except for the hero type despite having other armies unlocked. Any idea as to what could be causing this? I didnt have these issues with better sci fi armies
BaconDoneRight  [author] Aug 24 @ 8:19pm 
@dino_boi No, they will create default armies. I think. The way stellaris AI create armies is really wack and difficult to mod. It would be basically impossible to get AI to create the number of armies added.
dino_boi Aug 24 @ 4:03pm 
So if I give an AI empire the trait, it won't be able to create any armies at all?
BaconDoneRight  [author] Aug 24 @ 2:41pm 
@dino_boi If you select a trait, it disables base armies for that species in particular. The removed basic armies are replaced with other armies.