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Hearts of Iron IV

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The Rise of the Roman Empire
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The Rise of the Roman Empire

This Mod contains the following Things:

- Big focustree
- Custom events
- Decisions
- Alternative history
- Alternative country
- English language

The Things which will be added soon:

- Custom technology
- Better navy
- More events
- World News

Links to the used pictures:

The used Flag:
Original: N3MO modification: Paul2

The used King:

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边睡边打架 Aug 16 @ 9:36am 
DasHuhn55 :) Aug 15 @ 1:41pm 
German language support?
Sharkseant Aug 12 @ 4:35pm 
Garfield probably not necessarily it could also be that one of the earlier or middle emperorvor multiple were able to heavily centrilize it so it never declined also it contains territories of the time before the thirty year war so probably the emperor won the war in this time line and was able to strengthen his might. Later emperors did the same. This way it was able to containers enormous power and defeat Napoleon. The Protestants propably survived in the underground and still spread and later on they were largely accepted or able to reform the church as they wanted causing no split at all (out of England and the orthodox and this Swiss thing)
Zedorpian1 Aug 12 @ 12:51pm 
first of all its habsburg and austria wasnt always the emperor
Zedorpian1 Aug 12 @ 12:51pm 
you advertise a lot about the english even tho you got a lot spelling mistakes mate
President Roosevelt II Aug 12 @ 10:43am 
Make Otto von Hapsburg the monarch as he was a descendent of the first and last Austrian Emperor, who was also Holy Roman Emperor.
HogansHeroes120 Aug 11 @ 10:22am 
Fun to play, recommend making it avaliable to send volunteers as a starting rule and make certain focuses increase world tension since without Germany it can go 1941 without anything happening in the world.
TheKarmaInSpace Aug 11 @ 9:06am 
Nice mod, but i noticed a problem: generals have no picture, and there is no event as "Free the colonies" ... but great potential :)
Garfield Aug 10 @ 4:57pm 
So in this mod Napoleon never invades? I mean that would be the most possible reason for it not collapsing