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Upgradable Basic Resource Buildings
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Aug 4 @ 7:25am
Aug 8 @ 8:11am
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Upgradable Basic Resource Buildings


This mod adds the resource gathering buildings that were missing from the game as well as their upgraded versions:

The added buildings require research to unlocked and have been tied to different tiers of their associated resource gathering technologies. The following new technology has been added which unlocks the Advanced Hydroponics Farms:

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MayhemX8 Aug 19 @ 5:20am 
Hey. any chance you could make a mod that changes the mineral upkeep for "Replicator" jobs in machine empires and "Roboticist" jobs in normal empires to alloys instead?

I think this is the perfect way to nerf machine empires and make automation (the practice of replacing or supplementing your organic workforce with a robotic one) more expensive so that it isn't just a no-brainer for species with low growth rates. Plus it never made sense to me that Stellaris pops were making their robots out of pure minerals. Our robots are made of alloys like steel and such, so why/how do Stellaris empires make them out of iron, gold, or silver?
Jurjen  [author] Aug 15 @ 10:00am 
Heya labgnome. For sure! It bugged the hell out of me that I overlooked that. I only noticed it once I made the graphics for the MOD page where I saw them all together on one screen. Consider it added to the to-do-list!
labgnome Aug 15 @ 9:57am 
Would it be possible for you to add the mineral and energy icons in the top-right side on the mines and power plants for visual consistency?
Zwerchfell Aug 12 @ 5:51am 
need a fix for your mod with ... More Admin Cap from Techs dont works with this.Sorry bad englisch
Eruzhar Aug 9 @ 3:28pm 
Oh! Welcome superspecialized energy and mineral worlds. AND undevelped AI because they will always prefer these to anything stronger.
Woj Aug 9 @ 6:30am 
uu that is nice mod indeed :D
CB|Torlo Aug 8 @ 5:06pm 
Keep in mind, it's perfectly okay to go negative in income. Depending on AI mods, or even vanillia AI, so long as the stockpile you have is big enough, you can go pretty negative. Hell, I frequently mid-game go negative in energy by quite a lot, due to leaders and empire sprawl. I just sell extra resources I don't need, which is usually mineral, whenever they max out on the stockpile.

So, setting the trigger to something like income <5 is probably not a good idea. Especially if someone is using something like StarNet AI.
It's fine mate glad I could help. Thank you for the mod and good luck with getting use to modding.
Jurjen  [author] Aug 8 @ 8:24am 
Ugh... I'm so sorry! Thank you for taking the time to respond here, Fox.
Because of your feedback I went back and found the problem and fixed it by adding the following line to both buildings:

NOT = { owner = { is_ai = yes } }

I ran a test by doing the reverse (is_ai = no) and I was no longer allowed to build them as a player. So now the AI shouldn't be able to build (but still upgrade) any Mineral Mine and Power Plant buildings.

Thanks for your patience with me, everyone! I'm very new to Stellaris modding and I am learning a lot every day.
I just played a game and i am running into the same issue tho you said it was disabled the AI is spamming out mines and power plants. I don't have any mods enabled that would change gameplay other then this and another mod that lets you build Planetary cannons.