Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Laviante 2.0
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Aug 1, 2019 @ 12:33pm
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Laviante 2.0

In few days you could choose from 3 lightning setups, just wait a bit more..
You already can use Laviante LUT by @notdoneyet

Laviante 2.0 - Map Theme

Wasted almost year of free time to make this.. - LEARN FROM ME, ITS NOT WORTH!

You can dump all theme textures (how to on, do whatever you want with them..

    Used 1k - 4k textures.

Cliff optimized for Coastal maps.

Sand texture with soft brush creates ruined texture, use with combination with oil (or ore)
Sand use under water, ore use on coasts.

Dedicated to @Deeheks for awesome support, professional advise and help during
the 11+ months creating this theme.

@notDoneyet for awesome water normal and foam texture, they are more than perfect <3

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Rex_Luminor Feb 13 @ 8:32am 
This is probably the best map theme I've seen yet. The gras texture is amazing and the cliffs...I just don't have words for that. Thank you so much for making this! :highlvl:
dranna Jan 26 @ 4:14pm 
Arnold, is it possible to fix the last picture? Its kinda blurry :)
Deeheks Jan 26 @ 11:09am 
The reasons behind this is mixing. Resources cannot mix, sand can mix very well. So, using actual beach sand for game's sand is sort of wating its potential, unless most of your work is directed at waterfront and you need all potential you can get directed at beaches. But, there are decisions to be made because of how restricted the game is in terms of terrain. Maybe this is the reason why it's not advertized as a Tropical theme.
小饰, consider using a tropical intended theme and then use Arnold's textures that we so love to replace most of it?
小饰 Jan 26 @ 12:01am 
Hello, I have modified the normal map of the sand through the theme editor. Now the cracks in the sand have been fixed by me, and the cracks in the rock have not changed. But the theme after repair is only for my personal use.
小饰 Jan 25 @ 6:40am 
I don't think ore is suitable for beach! Most people use sand tools to draw beaches, not minerals! I have come up with two solutions. I don't know if they work! 1: So that cracks do not affect sand tools. 2: Modify the texture of the sand tool to make it more like a beach!
小饰 Jan 25 @ 6:27am 
Hello, I use the sand tool on the terrain tool bar to draw the beach. When I painted the beach, I found the effect of sand very ugly (I don't know if you tested the sand tool in the theme test). Then I use theme mixer 2 to change the texture effect painted by the sand tool, but there are cracks in the sand texture. This crack can be found in theme mixer 2. It can be changed by cliffs and ordinary sand to achieve a more perfect beach effect. However, the cracks in the sand are consistent with those in the rock. When I change the cracks in the sand, so does the rock. The rock is no longer perfect! I don't know if you can understand me. Finally, the beach I want is very similar to the beach in Hawaii! I don't know if you can make the cracks not affect the sand so that my problem can be solved!
Arnold J. Rimmer, Bsc. Ssc.  [author] Jan 25 @ 6:02am 
小饰: Hello. When was doing this theme, i remember, ore is meant for beaches, sand for underwater surface. There gonna appear stripe or ruined texture - that could have be hided under special beach decals. Simply there are too many related stuff and hiding ruined part between ore and sand is sadly tax.

Those "cracks" in sand texture is normal map of sand texture. I am not sure what you can change with theme mixer2, if you wont be able, i can change it for you manually. Let me know!
小饰 Jan 25 @ 5:55am 
Today, I have found a problem that the beach of this theme looks ugly. When I try to change the texture of the sand through theme mixer 2, the effect of gravel crack still affects the beach effect. When I also change the texture of the crack, the crack of the rock also changes, which makes it difficult for me to have the perfect beach and the perfect rock effect. Do you You can modify the beach texture of this theme?
dranna Dec 23, 2019 @ 8:34pm 
This map theme is great, but the metal soil texture could be better, it looks a bit off the rest
小饰 Dec 7, 2019 @ 6:24pm 
No problem. You can release the theme of new version at any time. I like it very much now.