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Expansion Station
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Nov 4 @ 1:54am
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Expansion Station

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Stellaris 2.5.X Compatible, Not achievement Compatible.

Mod Features

This mod adds one starbase module, Expansion Station(default cost : 200 alloys, 150 influences. And it is also affected by Xenophobe ethics, Interstellar Dominion and etc). If you build it, you can get neighbor systems around the starbase. If you build more(It will cost 50 influence more), you can get neighbor systems' neighbor systems.

And this system works around planets, too. You can get neighbor systems whenever your planet's pop number reaches 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120.

You can set some settings about my mod. You can allow/disallow expanding by starbase module, planet's pop number, and you can also allow/disallow expanding if the system isn't surveyed, has hostile fleet, is next to Xenophobe Fallen Empire. And, you can allow/disallow AI to expand by my mod's contents.


It doesn't harm any vanila file, so it will compatible with every other mods.

Not Achievement Compatible

Not Savefile Compatible(But if you open the console(with `) and write: event expansionstation.1, you can use it)

Stellaris 2.5.X compatible


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Shrooblord Nov 11 @ 11:13am 
The setup Event isn't showing up in multiplayer, and the command doesn't work in multiplayer games.
Shrooblord Nov 11 @ 7:17am 
Does this work for multiplayer?
ssd21345 Nov 4 @ 2:51am 
(it turned out to be steam workshop change mod id to another id for a short while when you updating the mod)
ssd21345 Nov 4 @ 2:47am 
but anyway cheers! thanks for updating the mod
ssd21345 Nov 4 @ 2:46am 
oh f it scared me since the mod is gone in mod manager and I couldn't view the mod page
Life-seeded  [author] Nov 4 @ 1:54am 
Updated for 2.5.X
Doom Raider Oct 30 @ 12:56pm 
Unfortunately this mod does not work anymore, even the below mention fix does not get it to run. I have tried only running this one mod, validating my game state and changing the file name but none of those worked. It would be great if there is a way to get it to work.
Der Shredder Oct 14 @ 2:26pm 
there is a problem with the namespace in the events file. the events file muste be renamed to "expansionstation_events.txt" to make this mod work
Lovely Sep 7 @ 2:29pm 
I can't seem to figure out how to make one...
Crazy Old Texan Sep 5 @ 6:54am 
This mod is amazing, stellar to say :)