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!AlphaMod: Civic Virtues (BETA)
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!AlphaMod: Civic Virtues (BETA)

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How I Play AlphaMod 2.3
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Rough and I decided we wanted to make civics a lot more characterful than in vanilla, and to tie them heavily into all the new content AlphaMod brings to the game. We wanted to be excited again when we were creating empires, and surprised again when we encountered opposing empires.

So we've added a bunch of new civics and revised a lot of the vanilla civics with those goals in mind.

This supplement is a beta, because we have plans to add more civics, and we're keen to read about your new empires and your experiences. We know that some combinations of civics might prove over-powered, or underwhelming, and whilst we won't be able to please everyone, we do want your feedback and some of that may lead to further revisions.

See the slideshow for more details.
  • Buy Local, Think Galactic (Pacifist)
  • Children of the Atom (Materialist)
  • Communes (Egalitarian)
  • Elite Easy Living (Authoritarian)
  • Freedom Molecules (Egalitarian)
  • Fury Road (Militarist)
  • Galactic Resorts (Xenophile)
  • Genetic Inheritance (Xenophobe + Materialist + NOT Egalitarian)
  • Genetic Welfare (Xenophobe)
  • Hunt the Hunters (Xenophile + NOT Pacifist)
  • Moria-crafting (Materialist)
  • Natural Harmony (Pacifist)
  • Nature Worship (Spiritualist + Xenophile)
  • Science is Sorcery! (Spiritualist)
  • Stellaristan (Militarist)
  • Traditional Economy (Authoritarian)

See the slideshow for more details.

Many vanilla civics have been revised. Some completely overhauled. See the slideshow for more details on what we've done to them.

There's new civics for gestalts in development.

AlphaMod includes three pop modifiers that help define some pops as different from others, instead of using traits (for technical reasons). They are: Inexperienced, Qualified, Transcendent.

Civic Virtues adds a bunch more, and many of the civics influence the possibility of 'new born' pops having one (or sometimes more).
  • Aberrant
    This pop is diverging from the normal type.
  • Communal
    This pop contributes to a community of shared ownership and property.
  • Deviant
    This pop is departing from accepted standards of social behaviour.
  • Healthy
    Thanks to genetic welfare, this pop is much more healthy.
  • Loyal
    This pop trusts the state implicitly.
  • Nomadic
    This pop tends to drift around the planet, avoiding settling.
  • Tribal
    This pop claims territory on a planet and will fight to keep it.
  • Vigilant
    This pop is intolerant of social aberrance or deviance.

Q - Will there be a standalone version of the mod?
A - Nope. There's not enough content in vanilla to keep the new civics interesting. This is an expansion of civics reliant on an expansion of content. And since the supplement ties into about 90% of AlphaMod's content, it's pointless taking out the 10% that isn't.

This is extra content for players of AlphaMod. Doubtless there are plenty of standalone alternatives that work better with vanilla.

You need AlphaMod 2.3. It's compatibility notes still apply.

As well as the over-ridden vanilla files listed with AlphaMod, this supplement also over-rides:

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simerelf Aug 31 @ 7:37am 
AlphaAsh  [author] Aug 31 @ 7:37am 
Communal housing is limited to Shared Burden in vanilla, and Shared Burden or Communes in CV.
simerelf Aug 31 @ 7:35am 
Is there a technology lock on the communal housing or do some other civics/Ethic lock it off as I can't build in my Civ the use it Or seen any of the AI build the communal housing
Jin_Cardassian Aug 25 @ 1:59am 
I slapped together a quick compatch for this and More AI Personalities. I find it helps keep the AI from feeling so cookie-cutter and adds replayability
AlphaAsh  [author] Aug 23 @ 10:18am 
That feels like too much production from destitutes. The extra TV should come from elsewhere - possibly +1 per city district, +2 per Mega City district. Incentivises building more of those districts, which is what provides the destitutes. And slumlords like lots of shitty housing.
Rough  [author] Aug 23 @ 8:36am 
I think the Slumlord could use a little buff, specifically the destitutes. Either +1 or 2 trade value, or more unity--I prefer the TV since the whole idea is you use destitutes as clerks that don't require housing/ turn your slums into such celebrity things that people come to see them as your primary source of trade/tourism

Thinking of people visiting Baltimore MD to see the scenes from The Wire, or corporate gangsta rap's commodification of the "ghetto"
Jin_Cardassian Aug 21 @ 9:39pm 
These megacorps civics are awesome.
Rough  [author] Aug 21 @ 1:50pm 
fascinating. One more reason AM is the best mod around...
AlphaAsh  [author] Aug 21 @ 8:36am 
Some destitution: Population > 70, free amenities > 150, unemployed > 2
More destitution: Population > 75, free amenities > 125, unemployed > 4
Lots of destitution: Population > 80, free amenities > 100, unemployed > 6
AlphaAsh  [author] Aug 21 @ 8:32am 
High free amenities + unemployment. Housing doesn't factor. It's all about the polarisation of access to amenities, and the unemployed receiving no state support.