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Grand Human Namelist
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May 8 @ 9:28am
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Grand Human Namelist

A namelist for a standard human power, featuring tens of thousands of names across numerous ethnicities as well as a combined 'ethnicity' made up of all the others, plus a very large number of ship and planet names. I believe I have finally excised all rogue punctuation but let me know if you find errors so I can fix them!

Use this mod for anything you wish as long as it's within Steam and Paradox rules.
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a stupid lesbian elf  [author] May 23 @ 7:28pm 
Hehehe that was my thinking as well! I'm happy to see people liking it :D
EmeraldPhoenix May 21 @ 5:37pm 
It does, thanks! I've had some other name mods that didn't seem to have a generic pool at all, so I was just making sure. I really like this - because the names just sound so... human. As in, I feel like we would absolutely name our ships "Arizona" and "Artemis" but then also stupid stuff like "I Bet" and "Couch Potato."
a stupid lesbian elf  [author] May 12 @ 3:44pm 
@EmeraldPhoenix It doesn't have special names for the new classes but it should pull from the 'generic' list just fine afaik!
EmeraldPhoenix May 12 @ 9:44am 
Would this be compatible with New Ship Classes? Probably not, right?
ThinkGeek_ May 11 @ 4:03pm 
All good I can just get a mod to change civ ship names but for now i'm still laughing abt it
a stupid lesbian elf  [author] May 11 @ 9:12am 
@ThinkGeek_ I did not foresee this possibility and I have no idea how to exclude things from class names. In short, you're stuck with the best imaginable for your science ships!

(Realtalk I'll see if I can actually exclude stuff and if not might remove a few of the less sensible names, I figured they were fine for ship names but didn't think about class names lol)
ThinkGeek_ May 10 @ 11:35pm 
My science ship class name is stuck as Couch Potato send help