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PJs :: Better Habitats
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Mar 15 @ 1:41pm
Jun 14 @ 6:14am
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PJs :: Better Habitats

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Habitats are in a REALLY good place right now. The only thing I wanted to tweak is job numbers. All habitat districts get 5 jobs instead of 3, and the housing district adds 10 slots.

Special Deposits
I have replaced the alloy, dark matter, living metal, nanite, and zro deposits with new "mining" deposits. They enable new buildings, and jobs where you will be able to produce the resource in your habitat. This brings a new level of strategy to your habitat placement, and actually makes it more worth it to place your habitat on top of those valuable resources. It comes at a cost of energy, minerals/consumer goods, pop job slot, and building slot, but it will be worth it!

New buildings are:
  • Alloy Recycling Yard
  • Dark Matter Laboratory
  • Living Metal Laboratory
  • Nanite Replicator
  • Zro Harvesters

Do you have ideas on how to make habitats even better? Please share in the comment section below.

I overwrite the 03_habitat_districts file.
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Gavril Jun 16 @ 1:08am 
Glad I could help!
PrinceJonn  [author] Jun 16 @ 1:07am 
Oh shit. I completely forgot to add it didn't I. There we go!
Gavril Jun 16 @ 12:53am 
ooooh! Ok, that makes sense. I might recommend adding common files to the required mods, or at least putting that you need that mod to get the buildings.
PrinceJonn  [author] Jun 15 @ 10:46pm 
The Global Event is basically to notify other modders that my mod exists in the game and that it's active. It was requested that I add that by another modder :)

You can find the buildings, jobs, and deposits in my Common Files. That way I can use them in other mods in the future :)
Gavril Jun 15 @ 4:51pm 
Hey, so I was taking a look at how you made your mod and I was wondering what the global event was for? Also, How did you do the buildings? I don't see anything about them in the files? Just curious.
PrinceJonn  [author] Jun 14 @ 8:17am 
I agree. Values can probably go up a bit. I'll fiddle with them some more.

Zro is a worker so no research, but cheaper upkeep and available for more pops.
Velaroz Jun 14 @ 6:55am 
The DM Researcher could probably produce more researcher. Reason for thought is comparison to the Dimensional Portal Researcher, which is 12 research and .25 DM base [if you get DM outcome], which then gets buffed later to have an extra +1 DM. Reason for the thought is the CG upkeep for the job and EC upkeep of building is high enough combined to warrant some extra production of either all sciences, or a focused chunk of physics.

I take it Living Metal and Nanites have Engineering Research, and Zro has Society?
PrinceJonn  [author] Jun 14 @ 6:21am 
New update is out. All habitats built over alloys/dark matter/living metal/nanites/zro will now have access to new buildings instead of a boring flat resource bonus.
Velaroz Jun 13 @ 8:28am 
For an idea on a mod I got used to using to augment/modify habitats,

Dude did an amazing job with it, for the most part.
PrinceJonn  [author] Jun 13 @ 8:00am 
Then I guess I did. Can't keep track of all changes I make all over the place :) You'll love my next update to this then. Will give some new cool buildings based on planet resources instead of boring normal +resource deposits.