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Community Part Map
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Community Part Map

This mod is a ressource for modders, and I hope it will help people to get into 3d modeling.
I need your feedback so we might adjust the used zones.

So, what is a part map ?
In FCS, when you create an armor, you can set part map zones.
9 colors are available, 3 are used by default.

So what does this mod do ?
Vanilla part maps only hide armpits, torso and belly for humans. Hivers actually haven't theirs, and skeleton only have one colour used (only for some parts of the torso. )
The mod makes use of the 6 remaining colors, so you can actually hide the whole body ! If devs add more colours, I'll separate some zones. For example pelvis and legs, or legs in 2 parts (which would help for vanilla pants that clip).
It also adds hivers (queen excepted) a real part map for them, as they used human's while having absolutely not the same texture pattern.
That means that all hiver races but queen have a new path (so beware for compatibility issues, even if kenshi is well made for handling it).

Why ?
Because it extends modding possibility. Want to make a helmet that replaces the body with another one? You can.
Wanna make high heels for the waifu ? You can.
Wanna make very close to body armors without worrying too much with clipping ? You can.

How can i use it for my mod ?
Just check at the pictures to get an idea of which zones are covered by which color. In FCS you'll have to check these colors is you need to hide a part.
For example, orange will hide hands !

Complete zones list:
White zone (vanilla) : armpits ;
Red zone (vanilla) : torso/boobs :
Green zone (vanilla) belly (front only) :

New zones (could change, because i'd like it to be a community thing, for modder convenience without altering vanilla ones).
Blue : rest of the torso and back, that are not covered by vanilla
Magenta : Arms without hands :
Cyan: feet, at the moment stops at ankle, could cover vanilla boot zones
yellow : neck (might add any zone barely used, as the zones should mask everything)
orange : hands :
purple : legs + pelvis

Unfortunately, head cannot be hidden, that would be even more fabulous for modding possibility, but maybe it'll change ;) .

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