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Species Discrimination on Job
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Jan 19 @ 4:04pm
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Species Discrimination on Job

This mod add an edict that restructs freedom of job selection of each species. You can provide that a species cannot work at ruler jobs, another species can work at only worker jobs, still another species can work at only specialist jobs, and...
Maybe ruler job is native privilege or maybe is opened everyone; maybe species having trait of agrarian should be forced to be worker or maybe should be given a chance of working at specialist or ruler job. You can enact this as you want.
Anyway, you can void this restruction in a specified planet by a planetary decision.

* This mod does not support hive mind empires and machine empires.
* This mod does not prevent the species produce leader such as president.
* I take no responsibility in regards to discontent of your pops.

Compatibility Information
Perhaps, this mod may not be applied to the jobs added/modified by another mod.

The following scripted triggers in "common/01_scripted_triggers_jobs.txt" are modified:
  • ruler_job_check_trigger
  • specialist_job_check_trigger
  • entertainer_job_check_trigger
  • worker_job_check_trigger

Add-ons of this mod


※ 集合意識や機械帝国には対応していません
※ リーダー(大統領等)の輩出については、このmodでは規制していません
※ このMODの使用により、貴国民が政権に不満を覚えたとしても、当社は責任を負いません

  • ruler_job_check_trigger
  • specialist_job_check_trigger
  • entertainer_job_check_trigger
  • worker_job_check_trigger

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The Erubian Warlord Jan 19 @ 8:03pm 
any idea what it would take to make the mod tell them apart?
NaK1119  [author] Jan 18 @ 12:59am 
@The Erubian Warlord
Both of miners and technicians are workers. So, these 2 jobs are not discriminated by this mod.
The Direful Spring Jan 17 @ 1:42pm 
Yea i mean this is a game where genocide is an option, xenophobic job descimination is kind of small fish.
是食物吗 Jan 17 @ 6:18am 
Part of me says this isn't right (politically), another part of me says but this is Paradox game
The Erubian Warlord Jan 16 @ 10:03pm 
wait you cant set say one race to be miners and another to be techs directly?
Azi_Dahaka12th Jan 16 @ 5:19pm 
i didnt say machines i said robots....humanoid pops living along side robotic servents, and having those robots that have no bonuses take the job from someone who dose is really annyoing
NaK1119  [author] Jan 16 @ 2:12pm 
This mod can be used on ironman mode, however achievements can NOT be earned with this mod.

No. Species can be restricted to only strata of jobs, but not each jobs.
Kungen Jan 16 @ 9:35am 
Still awesome your looking into it though, this mod adds a lot to the game, especially playing as Authoritarian, Xenophobic or future Hive and Driven Assimilator, where you might want to control what race can do what in your Empire , looking forward to more control :D
The description for the mod says "* This mod does not support hive mind empires and machine empires."
Azi_Dahaka12th Jan 16 @ 7:42am 
cant seem to get this to work for robots....