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Fatal Foundations Story Pack [2.2]
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Dec 29, 2018 @ 6:48pm
Jan 20 @ 5:54pm
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Fatal Foundations Story Pack [2.2]

The bonds between our realities are breaking down. Things that should not exist are finding their way through. How can we fight that which we cannot comprehend?

-New Mid-game Crisis: Overgrowth
-New Event Chains
-New Anomalies
-New L-Gate Outcome [Distant Stars Required]
-New Quests

No DLC's are mandatory, but some events will not fire without them.
No vanilla files overwritten.
Save game compatible.
Not expressly tested with any other mods, so if any conflicts arise, let me know.

Special thanks to Meishashier for the Chinese translation!

Interesting... After optimizing the electromagnetic pathways within the superluminal focusing beam, we're seeing a 32.55 percent increase in Stage One rapid growth. This, combined with the previous quantum looping algorithm, should increase our food output tenfold at the least!

Incredible. Now it's hit 53 percent.
188% now.
This isn't right. It should have smothered itself before this point. It'll break containment. Shut it down. SHUT IT-
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Styn 8 hours ago 
Is An Forgotten Signal yours? Level 2 non habital planet trigger (maybe)? I found an abandoned station and got killed, save scummed and found another +8 science levels. Once again this might have been meant to be a single level or some exp. Not to text wall you but death felt overly punishing for failure. Maybe add Paranoid or substance abuser because the science officer got marines killed? Just my two cents, if the other event would have killed me on failure similar advice. I mean its not like the science officer has to leave the ship in these scenarios right?
Jack_Hazardous 10 hours ago 
could i get a bit more information about what this mod does?
TFL  [author] 11 hours ago 
Fixed both! Thanks
Typical_Name 13 hours ago 
Hayo, I found a bug with the mod. It appears that some events will add deposits intended for orbital stations onto planets, which adds a dummy planetary feature ("d_engineering_5_desc" in my case) and deletes all the other planetary features. For me, this happened with the anomaly "orbiting_station_fatalf_category", which ended up adding +5 engineering to the system I was researching. There should probably be constraints on these events to prevent them from doing this to habitable worlds.
Talco 14 hours ago 
Is this the mod with the event that can spawn new systems filled with suns? Is that all there is to the event? It feels like there should be something more, but I can't seem to find any information on it.
TFL  [author] Jan 19 @ 4:59pm 
Oh shoot, I forgot that they changed how leveling works in 2.2. I'll fix that
Styn Jan 19 @ 2:56pm 
Is Shapen Landscape your anamoly? Level 2 non habitale planet trigger (probabaly)? Some alarms went off and I disramed them and got 10 science levels. This feels like you meant it to be 1 instead of 10 for a lv 2.
TFL  [author] Jan 19 @ 2:00pm 
Fixed! Thanks
Morlark Jan 19 @ 6:30am 
fatalf_lost_items.txt, line 526: typo in 'event_target:fatalf_colonzier'. As a result, the event does not trigger correctly.
Mizati Jan 19 @ 1:50am 
My apologies, I've just never run into the event before subbing to this mod, and since doing so I've run into it twice. I guess this was a case of correlation not equaling causation. Again, sorry for the outburst.