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Superfighters Deluxe

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Vitamin E's eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious maps
I have created these maps with fair gameplay as a priority. I noticed that offical maps are often wide open spaces with long expanses of flat terrian and I didn't like how that felt for fluid gameplay. I tried to make it so that there are many options and paths to take while chasing (or running away from!) your opponents. And last but not least, I also tried to make the maps so that there aren't any OP camping spots. I create the solid terrain first and aesthetics come second.

That being said I am very proud of my bg work because it took me a very long time before I was able to make good looking maps (like these!) with proper shadows, layering, theme, color scheme, etc. Please enjoy these maps as I've worked pretty heckin hard on them

a big thank you goes to Shock and Minion222 for helping me create the bg in some of these maps
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Abandoned Mill
Created by E_
an old abandoned (plant) mill that seems to have a pretty good color scheme for being abandoned...
Abyssal Base
Created by E_
a base located very deep within a crevice in the earth...
Apex Annex
Created by E_
A few of buildings on the tippy top of a mountain. Careful of the edges...
Archaic Acropolis
Created by E_
A haunted sacrificial grounds*

*goats not included...
Beaten Bunker
Created by E_
A battlescarred bunker...
Boiler Room
Created by E_
"Damn, this water is spicy!"...
Boiler Room II
Created by E_
Boiler Room... in s p a c e...
Chemical Containment
Created by E_
Chemical Waste Disposal Centre

or CheWD C. for short...
Chrome Metro
Created by E_
A futuristic train station with a not so futuristic train

... let's just say they keep the train looking old on the outside for that "vintage" look, but the entire inside is chrome for the futuristic feel. All part of the Chrome Metro Experience!...
Cloud Cache
Created by E_
it's a very small storage space that is located in the sky...
Coast Outpost
Created by E_
an outpost that is located upon a coast...
Cobalt Complex
Created by E_
cool cobalt containments can carry countless corpses...
Dark Dock
Created by E_
a dark and gloomy night at a small dock...
Deserted Depot
Created by E_
old and barely functioning depot...
Deserted Depot II
Created by E_
a once bustling and thriving depot, now deserted

good thing this crane is still in operation!...
Drowsy Dreamscape
Created by E_
Dreams often don't make sense when you think back to them......
Created by E_
dual slanted roofed homes...
Created by E_
high rise fight...
Created by E_
you're in space or something...
Fort Foxhole
Created by E_
underground fort that has been dubbed the "Foxhole"...
Glazed Grotto
Created by E_
the dirt tastes like the most delicious donuts you've ever had...
Created by E_
half the hazardous, twice the chaos!

also, test your luck with the randomly spawning "magical door"...
Created by E_
a small shipping harbor
be careful with those wheel boosters! they're relatively reliable once you master how to make use of them.*

can you find the secret switch in the bg somwhere?

*I am not responsible for anytime the wheel goes ham and suc...
Hyrule Temple Deluxe
Created by E_
the classic "Temple" level from Super Smash Bros. Melee, recreated to play well in SFD
Please do attempt to do a Hyrule Jump ...
Lifted Loft
Created by E_
an upscale building which probably costs a lot of rent to live in...
Lil' Map
Created by E_
the legendary and classic map...
Lil' Map II
Created by E_
the sequel to the best map ever created...
Melee Isle
Created by E_
the true melee island...
Mondo Condo
Created by E_
A large (and expensive) condo located near the sea
rent here must cost a fortune!...
Moonlit Manor
Created by E_
enter an open house party at someone's mansion
don't forget to stop by the bar during your brawl...
Created by E_
Neo Chinatown in Sunny City...
Nothing but Knives
Created by E_
of course there's health, slowmotion, and strength too, but otherwise it's only knives...
Pink Peril
Created by E_
I figured since I don't use pink much I should dedicate a entire map to it
although it is a small map, it's pretty decent. The way the door is laid out should be fair for (non-cheese) gameplay...
Pit of Poison
Created by E_
a hidden underground research facility located deep in an acidic cave...
Plant 22
Created by E_
large map fitted with wheel boosters™...
Polystyrene Plant
Created by E_
a plant that manufactures plastic aka polystyrene
Residence R
Created by E_
brutal backyard brawl...
Created by E_
a moderately sized mountain ridge with plenty of ledgegrabs for your climbing pleasure ...
Sector 9
Created by E_
another sector...
Serpents & Stepladders
Created by E_
snakes and ladders
chutes and ladders
eels and escalators
duck duck goose

whatever you wanna call it
Shady Situation
Created by E_
spooky nighttime buildings...
Sinister Stronghold
Created by E_
a castle that has a sinister aura about itself...
Sinister Stronghold II
Created by E_
a castle with an even more sinister aura eminating from it...
Steel Shore
Created by E_
have a fight upon the shores of Steel Beach...
Created by E_
a covert base located halfway underground...
Surreal Sands
Created by E_
how did you get here?
why is everything made of sand?
many of life's questions still remain unknown...
Two Room Jam II
Created by E_
the statue is jam
the poster is jam
the walls are jam
the skies are jam
we will all jam......
Two Room Jam R
Created by E_
Two Room Jam (revised)
delicious jam flavored wallpaper...
Created by E_
It's so dark you can hardly see your own hand in front of your face
how did you even get here?
how can you leave this realm?

...these questions will remain unanswered, so just have fun with it while you're here...
Created by E_
"A vennel is a passageway between the gables of two buildings which can in effect be a minor street"...
Created by E_
a beautifully butterfly shaped winery
wine tasting on the left, wine storage on the right...
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Obiside Porise Dec 28, 2018 @ 9:38pm 
Great versus maps ever
OREO Dec 14, 2018 @ 8:53am 
Best maps in SFD 👍
Tuesday Dec 5, 2018 @ 7:43pm 
Same, maps are beautiful but bot support would be beautiful!
WeariedCoffee2 Dec 1, 2018 @ 4:39pm 
Im a huge fan of your maps Vitamin E, but have you implemented bot support into them yet?