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Hearts of Iron IV

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Oct 14 @ 8:08pm
Oct 22 @ 11:30pm
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Captain Orange's Special Mod

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The Mod
This mod is literally meant to be more of a meme mod. It first started off as just adding Poland as a new Nazi Germany. Now, it's become more than that. A mod meant to be memey, yet fun at the same time. By adding leaders, focus trees, national spirits and other things not specific to Hearts of Iron 4 and it's WW2-like world it's supposed to be in.

How can i help?
This mod needs alot of work on it before it's close to complete. Want to help out? Join the Discord. Either links not working? add me (Captain Orange) on Steam. Everything can help out with finishing this mod.
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Oct 24 @ 1:12pm
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Captain Orange
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maciekgierlowski Oct 25 @ 6:59am 
remember next time before talking shit about KIEŁBASA its illegal in poland so u can go to prison for like 40000 years or pay police officer in vbucks to let you free
Vhaldez Oct 25 @ 3:39am 
Ben Shapiro for fascist Israel would be good tbqhwyf
Casual Doggo Oct 25 @ 2:13am 
5/10 needs more MEMES.
Suggestions: Change the name of the city Kabul to Kaboom, change the city of Ya'nan to Your Nan, make Suleiman lead Turkey (with his onion hat, obviously), the guy from Serbia Stronk as leader of Yugoslavia, Senor Hilter somewhere in South America (don't have to be Argentina) and Huey Long lead Kekistani America (or Big Man Tyrone) and Alex The Rambler or Spiffing Brit leads the UK and ISorrow leads Belgium.
Mr.Bagel lol Oct 24 @ 5:06pm 
nvm just changed it but yeah this mod is gonna fun I can tell.
Mr.Bagel lol Oct 24 @ 5:03pm 
I hate my name it would be Mr.Bagel but I'm to lazy to set up my account all the way.
Mr.Bagel lol Oct 24 @ 5:02pm 
Nice meme I haven't played yet but I'm guessing the anime girl is hirohito...very fitting.
DatBoiWithTheStripedPajamas Oct 24 @ 4:42pm 
Gas the weeb below
Darkorea Oct 24 @ 4:00pm 
j u s t T R U M P
LEGIONCONSCRIPT Oct 24 @ 8:49am 
Vlad the impaler ? i'm going to be busy impaling russia and turkey and hungary now see ya XD
Sergey the Galicianman Oct 24 @ 6:52am 
*as leader of the democratic or non-aligned party