Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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KR Mezzogiorno Rework .3
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Oct 31 @ 8:37am
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KR Mezzogiorno Rework .3

This is my attempt at presenting an alternative to the Italian peninsula - by taking the Kingdom of Sardinia and merging it with Two Sicilies. This is a major rebalance.

This mod at the moment comes with reworked lore, reworked political tree, reworked
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orsobartholomew7734 Nov 1 @ 2:59pm 
Great mod, makes more sense than the base mod from an historical prospective and definitely improves the gameplay.
Talking about the last update, the names of some Italian parties are not correct:
Integralisti/Riformisti Italiano should be Integralisti/Riformisti Italiani
Partito Socialista/Unione Sindacale Sicilia should be Partito Socialista Siciliano and Unione Sindacale Siciliana.
TheLegend27 Oct 25 @ 7:01am 
thank you :) gonna try it out
Heinz Johann Oct 23 @ 5:21am 
how about making a state in south or north instead changing the two sicilies
Nedermeyer Oct 22 @ 10:02pm 
Attila the Hunter  [author] Oct 22 @ 10:23am 
@Nedermeyer seemed to be an issue with formatting in the history file. I've removed it and it should work again. Thanks for the heads up!
Attila the Hunter  [author] Oct 22 @ 9:49am 
Interesting. I will go back in and see what the problem is.
Nedermeyer Oct 22 @ 1:06am 
Navy still crashes me, do u have any ideas what it could be?
Attila the Hunter  [author] Oct 21 @ 8:09pm 
Alright guys, got a real update this time. This update includes:

A rebalanced Economic Focus Tree (no new focuses at this time)

Mobile Warfare branch has been replaced with new grand battle plan focuses, keeping with a more realistic theme.

The Papal States begin the game protected by Austria and can appeal for financial aid / become a puppet to the Austrian Empire following Black Friday.

The RoI focus has been reworked to fire a plebiscite event, which will allow the Kingdom to annex the Italian Republic peacefully - as long as the Republic agrees, of course.
Attila the Hunter  [author] Oct 21 @ 2:18pm 
@Nedermeyer Oh man, I can't believe I forgot the navy. I fixed it btw, sorry for that.
Nedermeyer Oct 20 @ 11:55pm 
You may have to update the navy because of the new update. Whenever i click on the fleet my game crashes.

Btw Thanks for this mod, makes much more sense than base game