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Balao class submarine
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Balao class submarine

The Balao class was a successful design of United States Navy submarine used during World War II, and with 120 units completed, the largest class of submarines in the United States Navy. An improvement on the earlier Gato class, the boats had slight internal differences. The most significant improvement was the use of thicker, higher yield strength steel in the pressure hull skins and frames, which increased their test depth to 400 feet (120 m). Tang actually achieved a depth of 612 ft (187 m) during a test dive, and exceeded that test depth when taking on water in the forward torpedo room while evading a destroyer.

Ship is easy to place on water, reacts to waves and water level changes.

In game can be found in the last category in monument tab.

1:1 scale
Tris count - 1954
Textures 2024x1024
Custom LOD mesh:
Tris count - 117
Textures 32x16
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Vasper  [author] Oct 14 @ 2:56am 
I like Tribal class destroyer idea, I can't promise anything but I will take it into consideration once I decide to make next WWII ship asset ;)
HrrrrgAH Oct 14 @ 2:43am 
I know requests are a dime a dozen, and actual commissions are few, but here goes: could you be persuaded to make a destroyer that has figured in a lot of countries' arsenals? Such as Dealey class, Tribal, Q class, so forth? Some of these worked in various navies up until the early 2000s. :) Just a proposal. Great work on the sub!
Vasper  [author] Oct 8 @ 8:16am 
And here is the requested littoral combat ship:
Vasper  [author] Sep 19 @ 7:29am 
And here is the requested Zumwalt class destroyer ;)
Vasper  [author] Sep 16 @ 11:51am 
When it comes to modern subs I decided on making newest underwater toy in US arsenal:
PHTN Sep 10 @ 6:27am 
Some modern battleship could be the best :steamhappy:
PHTN Sep 10 @ 6:27am 
@Vasper i really, really appreciate that :D :steamhappy:
「 LiTe Em uP 」 Sep 9 @ 11:37pm 
pls more modern-based submarines... the workshop seems to lack alot of these... only crisgames seems to be making military naval ships...

maybe if possible to request: zumwalt class destroyer, amphibious assault/command/transport ships, littoral combat ship
Mike Sep 9 @ 12:46pm 
This looks awesome! Thanks for taking my suggestion, it'll fit right in with my navy base. Hope you find the time to work on surface ships soon, you've got a real talent!
Vasper  [author] Sep 9 @ 11:51am 
I have american James Madison-class submarine blueprints. It's quite modern, I could try this one.