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So this is supposed to be a mod with 6 blocks:
Missile Guidance Computer / Tracking Computer
(Testing, maybe not stable) Modified Tracking Computer
Structure Reinforcer
(N/A) Pilot Panel
(N/A) Drone Controlling Block
(N/A) Drone Block

Laser block with collidable laser beam and laser sabre mode available now!
Laser sabre mode: The laser will destroy all joints on the block it touches.
Laser 's "Add Collider" option is under Misc. Recommended using with "Collider's physics Affect this block" as it's more stable, but it disables all other abilities (kinetic, explosion, etc.)

the other blocks will be available soon™

Note that laser block's explosive ability is not going to work well under MP.
Note that because of network issues, locking with tracking computer can be difficult on high-speed moving objects. (The speed of tracking computer won't matter)

Structure Reinforcer: Reinforces your machine's structure. If a block is affected by Structure Reinforcer's activation, it will flash (black though). With Invincible ON and Structure Reinforcer active, the structure strength of your machine should increase a lot.

Modified Tracking Computer/Missile Guidance Computer:
(except camera tracking computer)
Precision slider decides how accurate the point it can calculate.
Calculation Per Second decides the frequency about updating the new point per second.
Cannon Slider is about calculating the speed of the projectile, which is normally the cannonball, so edit this slider to the same value to the power slider on the cannon that has been mount on it will provide better accuracy. You can also mount other weapon on the tracking computer block, just calculate by yourself that every 58 increased speed is 1 increased on the Cannon slider.

Modes(Only for Tracking Computer):
Turret Tracking Computer Mode:
Usually for calculating and rotating for aiming moving targets while the block itself is on a platform like a plane or a tank.
Usually mount cannons on the block.
Use same power slider as the cannon on it. Use 0 when you are using laser blocks for weaponry.

Missile Guidance Computer Mode (Default):
Usually for calculating and rotating for a following moving target while using with proplusion moudles and warheads.

Camera Tracking Computer Mode:
Will look at the target uprightly. Usually use with first-person mode camera.

Lock Mode (Only for Modified Turret Tracking Computer):
Same as Turret Tracking Computer Mode.
Auto Lock (Only for Modified Turret Tracking Computer):
Automatic select/switch target when activated. Only work in MP right now.

Mouse Mode(Only for Modified Turret Tracking Computer):
Continuously acquire target that is pointed by mouse.
Distance From Camera(Only for Modified Turret Tracking Computer and Mouse Mode):
The cross point of the directions mouse pointing andthe tracking computer is trying to point.
Disable Calculation(Only for Modified Turret Tracking Computer and Mouse Mode)
By toggle on, the tracking computer will only follow mouse, but not calculating direction, gravity and lead.

Demo of Tracking computer usage: by He-♥♥♥♥♥-Hay
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rihooo Jul 23 @ 6:48pm 
In version 1.01, the mode of the tracking computer could be changed with the automation block.
In version 1.02 and later, the mode cannot be changed in the automation block.
I want you to fix this issue.
wang_w571  [author] Jul 15 @ 7:00pm 
no, not really for tracking computer, as target selection is mostly done by human :(
утапок -00_00- Jul 7 @ 4:41am 
is it possible to make so that the logical modules could toggle the modes tracking computer ( with leading , without leading , strike top , cruise at altitude )
CobbleSansPyro Jul 4 @ 2:57am 
indeed it does. now i can get back to workin on fps concept creations. on that topic tho, the reason this mod is so essential is cuz of the cam control but i have some issues with it. not that its broken or somethin, the connection points are really weird. if it's not too much to ask could you maybe add like a block form of the tracking computer that acts like a balast block or other 1x1's and can make propper use of swivels? that'd be appreciated. but if you dont want to, thats also fine.
wang_w571  [author] Jun 19 @ 2:37am 
@CobbleSansPyro seems like the mod confilct is solved now :)
wang_w571  [author] Jun 19 @ 2:33am 
Updated now :) sorry for delaying for this long
Sawai Kikka Jun 18 @ 7:37pm 
Laser does not respond to automation blocks.
I'm sorry, but please repair.
wang_w571  [author] Jun 9 @ 3:55pm 
I'll look into it, thanks for reporting.
CobbleSansPyro Jun 7 @ 7:19am 
I indeed tried loading them both seperatly and together. seperately they work but together it crashes once i boot a world. they used to be able to co-exist but after the desert campaign udate it broke.
wang_w571  [author] May 30 @ 12:53am 
Do you mean this crash with BE mod? Have you tried loading only this mod with BE mod, with no other mods enabled?