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Yes, I Really Mean It's Outlawed
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Yes, I Really Mean It's Outlawed

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Are you playing a spiritual empire, but getting sick of Robot Workers showing up in your technology choices? Did you research the Sapient Combat Computer but want to get rid of it to prevent a machine uprising?

There seem to be some pretty glaring oversights in what the Robotic Workers and Artificial Intelligence policies affect. There's been several bug reports on the forums which point some of these out, but since they don't seem like they'll get addressed anytime soon, I took matters in to my own hands. So when I outlaw these techs...

So far these are the features:
- Forces the policies for Robotic Workers and AI to be available at game start, as long as you are not playing a machine empire.
- Setting Robotic Workers policy to Outlawed prevents Robots, Droids, and Synthetics from appearing as research choices.
- Setting the Artificial Intelligence policy to Outlawed prevents Sapient Combat Simulations and Synthetics from appearing as research choices.
- Setting the Artificial Intelligence policy to Outlawed also prevents the Sapient Combat Computer (if previously researched) from showing up in the Ship Designer.

Tested on 2.1.2, and should be compatible with any Niven release.

If you see a similar problem that you think should be part of this fix, let me know in the comments!

Note: This DOES override one of the vanilla game files, "00_utilities_roles.txt". This file defines all the combat computers for your ships. It's necessary to replace the whole file in order to fix the problem that causes the Sapient computers to keep showing back up. Therefore it may be incompatible with mods that replace the vanilla ships or modules, like NSC2 (New Ship Classes) or any "full conversion" mods. If there is enough interest I will look in to creating a compatibility patch.
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TheAncientOne Oct 21 @ 5:51am 
This is not useful for when i play, but goddamn this is great for the A.I.. Now i dont need to deal with each faction having an uprising, spiritualists making robotic armies, nor any of the other problems i had.
This is also useful for when im playing as 5 empires at once
Clockwork The Painfully Ok Sep 11 @ 5:07am 
does this mod actually remove Sapient Combat Computer to stop a machine uprising?
im kinda stuck since i have a robot uprising on my hands despite outlawing them entirely, not having a single one in my entire empire, all because i reasearched them once
[GSI] Knusperflocke Aug 18 @ 2:17pm 
@Bobthebuilder It's an immersion mod for roll playing. It doesn't have any actual benefits, as far as I know, outlawing the tech.
Just think one wants to play an anti AI campaign where they set their goal to kill all AI in the galaxy and then there is this tech, while it should be outlawed, still available. It's immersion breaking.
Bobthebuilder☭ Aug 17 @ 3:36pm 
Why would you outlaw them is there benifits ive never tried
krazO Aug 17 @ 12:12pm 
Salty the name, hahaha...
Felix Aug 16 @ 3:39am 
Great mod. I always found it extremely immersion-breaking that you can obtain and use sapient combat computers by collecting debris even if you have AI's outlawed.
SaltyTeabag  [author] Aug 14 @ 8:09am 
@xnadu27 Unfortunately, no. (see wiki entry here) [] I tested and confirmed that it does indeed create duplicate entries if I try to redefine them in a separate file. I've been looking for an alternate way to fix this problem, but haven't found one yet.
xnadu27 Aug 14 @ 7:48am 
@SaltyTeabag, is it possible to only overwrite the Sapient Combat Computer not the entire file? You can do that with most other files, so I don’t see why not.
Cookie-chan Aug 13 @ 9:38pm 
I mean, if you are outlawing dumb bots without any form of inteligence, you might aswell stop using robotic arms in factories and shipyards.
SaltyTeabag  [author] Aug 13 @ 2:56pm 
@Nilserich That file defines the combat computers for your ships. I have to overwrite the vanilla file to prevent the Sapient AI computer from showing up while AI is outlawed. You can delete the file, but then that combat computer would show back up and start trying to auto-upgrade your ships again.