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Upper Limits
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Upper Limits

Art by Oskar Woinski! I don't own his work, but, it might be ok as long as I credit him.


This mod adds 16 new techs, 1 new Specialization Tech, 6 new buildings, 3 new Specialization Buildings, 3 new spaceport building, 1 new armies, 2 new ship parts, 1 new strategic resource, 1 new leader traits and 8 new planet edicts, more are planned, tested, tell me if anything unusually comes up.

This mod aims to go above and beyond the normal game, allowing players to research techs above tier 5 and more!

This mod adds,

Physics Alteration - Unlocks Universe Manipulator and Fusion Silo
Biotechnological Life - Unlocks Biotechnological Life Test Facilities
Technology Implantation
Neutronium Tapping - Unlocks Neutronium Annihilator
Portal Building - Unlocks Teleporter Gate
Chaos Theory Solidity - Unlocks Space Exploiter
Pure Photon Lasers - Unlocks Energy Light Emitter and Planetary Overloader
Quantum Computers
DNA Studies
Nanite Workers
Nanite Marvels - Unlocks Nanite Swarm and Nanite Armor
Quantum Calculatives
Solid Light Prototypes - Unlocks Prototype Light Wall
Reality Formation - Unlocks Reality Fabricator

Specialization Techs : The scientist working on it must have the Deep Thinker trait.
Singular Particle

Universe Manipulator
Biotechnological Life Test Facilities
Fusion Silo
Neutronium Annihilator
Teleporter Gate
Solar Fields - Unlocked at start

Specialization Buildings : They must be build beside an Empire Capital-Complex or a Primary Nexus.
Molten Ejector
Planetary Overloader
Reality Fabricator

Spaceport Buildings
Space Exploiter
Energy Light Emitter

Nanite Swarm

Ship Parts
Nanite Armor
Prototype Light Wall

Strategic Resources
Exotic Matter

Leader Traits
Deep Thinker

Planet Edicts
Authoritarian Mindset
Egalitarian Mindset
Xenophobe Mindset
Xenophile Mindset
Militarist Mindset
Pacifist Mindset
Spiritualist Mindset
Materialist Mindset

Currently only in english!

Thanks for checking this mod out!

PS. Because of the nature of this mod that doesn't replace any vanilla codes, nor images, and doesn't need any dlc, nor other mods, there should be 0 problems running this with any other mods, dlc, etc.

Important Notice :
Hey, everyone, for the time being, the buildings in the mod will remain as it is until Stellaris v2.2 comes out!
As to insure when V2.2 comes out, I can easily change anything that needs to be changed for the new version.

When V2.2 comes out, I will reupload this mod again but one that works for V2.2, so this mod that works for V2.1.X still exist for people who likes the tile based planets, etc. But will no longer be updated.
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Guluere  [author] Oct 4 @ 6:33pm 
@hspydell Did you enable my mod before starting the game?
hspydell Sep 28 @ 9:07pm 
How to get the techs? I have reached the point of repeatable teachs only but have not seen any of your options. Is there anything that is needed to get the option to find them?
Guluere  [author] Sep 9 @ 12:15am 
Updated for 2.1.3
w.girl27 Sep 1 @ 4:48pm 
yes been looking for something like your immortalization tech for my races as they tend to be materlist xenophiles who like a diverse empire so wouldnt synthetically ascend them all into one race
kerrigan1603 Aug 24 @ 2:53am 
@Guluere Thank you.
Guluere  [author] Aug 23 @ 12:09am 
@kerrigan1603 Sure.
kerrigan1603 Aug 19 @ 2:42pm 
More pictures would be nice.
Suprise Aug 18 @ 2:37pm 
@Guluere thank you muchly
Guluere  [author] Aug 18 @ 8:45am 
@Suprise The problem has been fixed.
Suprise Aug 17 @ 5:43pm 
I have a bug report that the latest update causes me constant empty popups every 3-4 ingame days